In this update, we will be looking at three coins which are not in the top 20 but well deserve to be there.

1. Counterparty

The very versatile and innovative crypto platform which will soon have even smart contract functionality. Up 15% in the last 24 hours, XCP is looking to carry that momentum forward even more. The last 7 days has seen the coin add $2 million in market cap.

The Counterparty protocol is not just a standard crypto but a 2.0 platform which host other coins (colored coins) on its network. The top three largest coins its host are Storjcoin X, Bitcrystals & Scotcoin. These three cryptos together have a market capitalization of $10 million making them even larger than Counterparty.

2. Game Credits

Showing positive gains today of more than 20% is a much-needed respite from the last month of downward pressure. GAME hit its market high on July 15, reaching a cap of $12 million. Since then the coin has retrenched 50% with periodic winning days like today.

GAME bills itself as the first free opensource gaming currency. Aiming to become the premier in-game monetization option for the growing online gaming industry.

3. Decred 

At 34 position, Decred might not be on the radar of my crypto watchers. But with a market cap of $4 million and growing, it may become unavoidable for many. Its market cap has doubled since late February when it was valued at $1.7 million. DCR has attracted some very large Bitcoin traders with one trader recently tweeting that DCR going moon in September.