Pieta token, which is an ERC-20 cryptocurrency, is soon going to be listed on the popular P2PB2B exchange, extending the reach of the project and to benefit more and more users with its amazing solar-powered mining platform.

Pieta token, as may know, is backed by a revolutionary project. The team behind Pieta is developing a mining ecosystem where the electricity produced from solar energy will be used for the mining of top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and ETH along with Pieat coin.

Pieta team will get in partnership with bitmain mining network for developing customized mining rigs and contracts to be used in its solar-based mining system.

To allow Pieta token to extend its reach and to give investors a better opportunity to use/trade their tokens, the team has decided to list the Pieta token at the famous P2PB2B cryptocurrency exchange.

About P2PB2B

P2PB2B is a modern crypto exchange platform, where users can trade a number of top cryptocurrencies in a low-cost and high-profitable manner.

The exchange is designed to benefit the users by keeping the crypto trading process simple and straightforward and keeping the middleman interference to the minimum.

Besides this, other major features of P2PB2B exchange include fast loading speed, fast processing speed (up to 10000 trades/sec), advanced security system, multi-currency support and asset storage in cold wallets. 

P2PB2B benefits for Pieta token and users

P2PB2B is arguably one of the most popular crypto exchange platforms out there, for several reasons. It is very secure as well as user-friendly. The platform takes strong security measures to protect the data and money of its users. Most of the currency on the exchange is stored on cold wallets to ensure protection against online threats.

It also employs WAF (Web Application Firewall) application for detecting and preventing hacker attacks. Besides security, performance is the main concern of P2PB2B, as it supports a very high performance in terms of processing speed and TCP connections. Through its Single Page Application, users are able to load the content much faster and as they go.

P2PB2B supports a large number of currencies, including both fiat (USD, etc.) and crypto (BTC, ETH, PITC) currencies, which you can now trade for each other and with more available options. Also, the support can be accessed in a number of languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese, German, and more.

Still wondering how P2PB2B listing will benefit the Pieta token investors?

Well, for one, it will help increase the reach of the Pieta token, enabling more and more people to trade the most potential cryptocurrency of the year. Moreover, it will help users to get more profits from their tokens by selling them as the Pieta token price mining app (in November 2019).

So, users looking to trade their Pieta tokens for other cryptocurrencies can now sign up with the P2PB2B platform. For more details, visit: pieta.network

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