•Excecutive Summary

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PointPay is an amalgamation of three systems between PointPay Crypto Bank, the PointPay Crypto Exchange platform and PointPay Multi-Currency Wallet, which can be used as a payment tool, which is a PXP token utility, and is made based on Ethereum blockhain. PXP is a standard ERC-20 token, which will later become a valuable asset and will be on the cryptocurrency trading market, with the intention of attracting users and investors to own this token. PointPay is a complete ecosystem integration, so it will be able to be used to resolve payment problems related to banking, cryptobusiness license payment, and can also be used as another payment instrument. Because PointPay has business contacts with more than 50 banks and 25 payment systems. This is the result of hard work done by a team of creative professional programmers and also assisted by other teams in this community. With the limitation of removing bureaucratic and geographical boundaries, PointPay strives to be the best by being one step ahead of its competitors, where the aim of all of this is to become a bank of the future and mutually beneficial cooperation. PointPay is a new way to solve and simplify everything that deals with banking. Because by using PointPay, you can solve your banking problems by using a cellphone or desktop in solving payment transaction problems.

•How Its Work ?

To be able to access more deeply in the PointPay project it is required for participants to complete the KYC process first, this is because by filling out the KYC form provided and your ethreum address. Because for users who have signed in, will be given access and can enjoy a dedicated customer support manager and can answer your questions online. Because by filling out the KYC form, you will automatically receive the latest information from the PointPay project via the registered email address and mobile number when you register on the Platform. Besides that, there are also many benefits for users who have completed the KYC process, including the user who can quickly join the ICO event that is taking place. Because of what ?? the sooner you register on the Platform, the greater your chance of getting a good token price. Because the supply of tokens is limited. So that tokens are only available for users who register first. Therefore, quickly register yourself immediately yourself on this platform.

•Token PointPay Platform :

-PointPay Crypto Bank,

By providing cash payments around the world continues to decline, and demand for money other than cash continues to increase, it is replaced by electronic money. Therefore, because of all this technological advancements, so people have started to turn to this electronic money, as a tool to meet the needs of the community regarding payments related to payments. And there are about 20% of payments made in cash, and in Sweden, less than 10%. And from the percentage explanation above, it is clear that those who are interested in digital money are very high compared to transactions using paper money. And along with high technological advancements, enthusiasts of digital money will continue to increase among the people.

-Platform PointPay Crypto Exchange,

With high investor demand for PXP tokens, the PointPay Crypto Exchange platform provides investors with the opportunity to participate in IEO organized by the PointPay project. And will give more commission to investors towards PXP token holders. And the purpose of all of that is to give new traders an interest in participating and buying PXP tokens, at the IEO event that is being held by the PointPay Crypto Exchange Platform. And of course this is an advantageous situation obtained by Platform owners and traders. Therefore, the PointPay Crypto Exchange platform will include projects that already have good grades and are of a standard and are generally well defined.

-PointPay Multi-Currency Wallet,

Benefit when conducting transactions using a multi-currency wallet with secure and fast transactions, via the Payment Code ID. through a multi-currency wallet, you can send and receive crypto currencies from all communities in the ecosystem.

•Vision & Mission

With the aim of building a convenient and intuitive online banking platform, PointPay Crypto Bank, is the best platform at the moment. Because PointPay Crypto Bank is an "All-in-one" utility token based on the blockchain ecosystem. So that it will be easier for users to make payment transactions quickly and transparently. Because PointPay Crypto Bank functions in the functionality of a traditional bank. And besides that, PointPay Crypto Bank provides cryptobanking services that can be used as a means of payment using fiat currency. Because PointPay Crypto Bank is a system that is very popular among the people.

•Bennefit for :

- Investor,

Because the demand for PointPay tokens is very high, many investors have high enthusiasm to have these tokens. Therefore, due to high demand, it caused investors to become the first to get this token, where the tokensale took place. Wow, this is a good achievement PointPay has achieved in attracting and building trust from investors. Because we all know that PointPay, is a payment system related to banking, cryptobusiness license payment, and can also be used as another payment instrument. Therefore, with the importance of the system used in this PointPay (PXP) token, it raises the interest of investors to have this token as an important requirement in our daily lives. And specifically for investors, because Investors who have high volume purchasing power will be provided with a tiered bonus, and will get a bonus of up to 5% of your total PointPay token shopping. So the greater the number of purchases, the greater the amount that will be received later.

•Token Details

Soft cap: $1,000,000

Hard cap: $30,000,000

Symbol: PXP (PointPay token)

Total supply: 500,000,000

Unsold tokens: to be destroyed

Retail price: 1 PXP = $0.10

Funds Allocation and Token Distribution

•Funds Allocation

•Token Allocations

•Feature :

-Low Cost,

With the low cost offered, of course this will provide convenience and savings to users when making payment transactions. Whether it's done domestically or overseas payments. Because you only need 1% fee for transfer fees throughout the world. Of course this will greatly save your money when making money transfers to various countries. Because payment via pointpay, can be accessed by all banks in the world.

-Fast Transactions Around the World,

And by using high technology, PointPay can complete payment transactions and transfer money to various banks in the world quickly. You don't need to wait for hours and days to solve this problem. You only need a few minutes to complete. And of course, with this speed, you will save time and energy, so you can finish your other business. What do you think about this service ??

-No Financial Limitation,

At PointPay there are no restrictions about currency values. You can make payments and transfer money in various currencies. Do you want to use the Fiat currency or the cryptocurrency currency. Pointpay will service payments with any currency. That's up to you. PointPay Crypto Bank plans to offer its customers, both first and second opportunities, thus creating serious competition for traditional banking institutions. Because Pointpay is a platform that serves about payments related to banking and money transfers through other agencies.





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