Good day, dear readers. Today, I will present the GOLD Stablecoin project to your attention.


GOLD Stablecoin is a digital property of a new era, classified as a measured piece and based on real gold bars stored in a secure store. The marker is implemented on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20 standard), which guarantees permeability, confidentiality, security and durability - exactly what they offer to traders in an encrypted and precious metals company. GOLD Token is manufactured and operated by DIGITAL GOLD LTD, registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. their team is made up of a group of highly qualified professionals in the fields of money, banking, law, asset management, information technology and blockchain. The yellow Ethereum token ERC20 is a fast and advantageous method of saving, acquiring, selling or transferring valuable gold.

The main advantages of GOLD Stablecoin

1 GOLD = 1 gram of gold in percentage 99.99 All GOLD tokens are provided with real gold, which is in a safe place. Every GOLD coin is issued through a smart Ethereum-based deal, and the number of coins in circulation is always equal to the total number of gold bars that are in a safe place (in the vault).

There is no charge for transfers. No transaction fees. Make the payments as you wish. Gold can be used as part of your life or your daily business transactions.


100% GOLD coins have real gold bars. The actual number of gold stored can be compared to the total number of chips in real time. All transactions are irreversible, there is no possibility to block your account due to the decentralized blockchain structure.

greater liquidity

The GOLD token company is a liquidity provider that allows you to exchange a large number of coins very close to market prices. The owner of the piece can in an instant buy or sell coins on this site or through partner exchanges.


Low maintenance costs are equal to the costs of storing gold reserves in the bank. In addition, the storage of precious metals poses virtually no problem.


Gold staff that remains private. Opening your identity in transactions is another way to own gold. To exchange any amount of gold, simply write the address of the starting portfolio.


We know that cryptocurrency has a large number of types of tasks. We discuss below some of the major difficulties. For the past 3 years, some people have wisely found that cryptocurrency would be destroyed. Almost everyone was worried about doing their own struggle, investing. Since almost all of these publications are published on social networks, cryptocurrency will not last long. Almost all of my people are boldly afraid of cryptocurrency and know that they do not know it's a cryptococcus. In addition, I have stated that substitution development does not eliminate non-burdensome availability, so I stipulate some difficulties without tasks.

The solution

At present, the deterioration of the tasks is aggravated, but nowadays no company has the capacity to solve everything correctly. But first, companies are faceless and conclude transactions faster. We can see how companies are gradually increasing their own capabilities and are gradually losing their own offers. When they buy a large quantity, their website is a fraction of a big step. not in their support. I think that companies are forced to think quite rationally about their own conclusions in order to make sure that their platforms and products really work in an appropriate way. If their products are properly maintained, as soon as the customer is satisfied, Digital Gold can remove them from their own company.

In fact, the key that literally prepares his own work in the company is his right to publish, but I guess the current site,, has understood his own conclusions. In case, if you admit their conclusions, be proud of the fact that they will discover that they have created a powerful enough absolute condition and that they give a result without interrupting them.



GOLD is a digital crypto asset, backed by real gold, which is purchased every time a token is issued and registered in a non-hazardous vault in Singapore. GOLD is a safe, comfortable and fast conclusion, which is predetermined for various purposes - from investments and diversification of the backpack to non-dangerous transactions and gifts that you offer to your loved ones. I highly recommend to participate in this business because they are very serious.

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