ONIZ is transforming the cryptoworld in different ways , it is not just the FIRST ITO in 2019 but it eliminating the era of scammed ICO in the cryptoworld. ONIZ is a unique payment cryptocurrency that will be used in different aspects of the economy .

with ONIZ Mobile wallet , you can pay for goods and services in any mall or store that supports ONIZ , you can play Casino games both the once that will be created on ONIZ platform and other Casino platforms that are partnering with ONIZ .

you can download ONIZ Apps and enjoy the goodness of this innovative platform using these links : Android: https://oniz.co/download/Oniz_1.0.apk

IOS: https://oniz.co/download/app.plist

Also for investors , you can invest in ONIZ and earn upto 30% profit every month as dividend . For Gamblers, you can use ONIZ to get some Games Tips that gives you the chance to win upto 80 or 80% in that particular Game. there are numerous reasons why i am proud of ONIZ .

I am excited to be part of this innovative transfromation in the cryptoworld. Being able to use crypto in real life payment for products and services is a dream come true for all crypto enthausiats and the world's economy at large . Kudos to ONIZ team of developers for this great idea.

Website: https://oniz.co/

Telegram Channel: https://t.me/OnizCo1

Telegram chat group : https://t.me/Onizco

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Onizco

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