Nowadays every traders have an aware of dealing with cryptocurrencies rather than fiat currency. Because cryptocurrency will become the major part in the future, it will widely used for all buy and sell digital assets.

So, Starting a cryptocurrency exchange website would be a right choice for cryptopreneurs for generating more income in the present and future also.

But you may have a decision of where to start and how to start the cryptocurrency exchange business at right place?

To Provide the best solution to build your website, Coinjoker really cares for you to build the bitcoin exchange website from the scratch to end.

Cryptocurrency exchange script features: ·

Mobile Trading App for Android, iOS

In recent days, most of the users have started to trade from their mobile devices instantly using mobile devices like Android and iOS devices. It provides easy navigating and well-responsive, user-friendly so the traders can make the transactions instantly!

· Integrated Initial Exchange Offering Module

IEO is the latest crowdfunding strategy. If you wanna integrate IEO modules to your existing website orelse wanna start new exchange website with IEO module we are readily to assist you to build the website from the scratch.

· Security Token Offering Services

Considering the importance of Security token offering, We have built our exchange script with the topmost services like security token offering(STO). With this features you can list the STO as well as utility tokens in your website.

· Liquidity API

Liquidity is the most concerned in cryptocurrency exchange platform. Using our Liquidity API provider you can increase your trading volume in the cryto exchange platforms. To enhance the liquidity in the software, we drag the liquidity from the external providers which are completely built with Blockchain principles.

· Atomic Swaps

To enhance the crypto transactions in the exchange without middleman, have integrated the feature of Atomic Swaps. Atomic swaps directly executed between separated blockchains and have different native coins. Otherwise it can be executed through off-chain channels that are offshoots of the blockchain.

· Margin Trading and Margin Lending

With Margin Trading feature your professional traders can set margins and trade. Margin Trading is a method of trading assets using funds provided by any other third-parties. Margin Trading is somewhat preferable than regular trading, this feature allows traders to access greater sums of capital, which allows them to leverage their positions. We have inbuilt this feature in our Crypto Exchange software which assist your users with trading at certain margins.

· Cryptocurrency Wallet Integration

Cryptocurrency Wallets present in the crypto exchange script assist your users to store the cryptocurrencies using private keys and multiple cryptocurrencies. Be it hot storage or cold storage with desktop wallet and mobile wallet, we support both these storage features and have integrate.

· MLM or Referral Programs

Bitcoin exchange script is built with referral programs to your traders so that one can invite and introduce a good number of people into the trading platform. As the number of people in your platform increases, so will be the trading volume & liquidity in it.

· Admin Console

As the owner of bitcoin exchange platform, you can make the desired set of changes in it. You may be unaware of knowledge in programming, our futuristic CMS will allow you to alter the things as per your wish in the crypto exchange website.

· Market Making

If in case there is no liquidity in the cryptomarket, we make use of counterparty which places the buy and sell orders in the platform. Thus, you can be worry-free in the case of liquidity in the exchange software.

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