There may come a time when you realize that your company isn’t growing as quickly as it should be. Maybe your business’s rate of growth is slowing down to the point that you’re worried your growth may plateau. Or, maybe you’re anxious to keep up with—and surpass—your competitors. And still, you may want to speed up growth in order to meet predetermined deadlines for accomplishing specific business goals.

Fortunately, there is an application you can use to start accelerating your business growth, and achieve the vision you have for your company. The application is issued by With its new application, Tokoin will help to accelerate of MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) growth.

Let's check what is Tokoin? And What does Tokoin offer to help MSME?

What is Tokoin? is a commercial blockchain accelerator that is driving the adoption of blockchain technology and solutions for MSME growth. The accelerator’s focus is developing innovative and relevant solutions using blockchain technology.

The main objective of Tokoin is to establish digital business identity and MSME's reputation as an acceptable measure of trust for suppliers and financial institutions. As well as, creating a digital business identity for MSME that represents a valid business reputation.

After the financial crisis, banks were skeptical of lending to MSMEs. They adhere to the generally accepted stereotype that MSMEs do not have enough cash flows to make loan payments. Overall, financial affordability is still low in emerging markets, as 70% of MSMEs still do not have access to financing opportunities. This is often explained by the fact that, as relatively new or small enterprises, most MSMEs do not have proper legal documentation, collateral and / or a long-term credit history.

Tokoin carries missions to help MSMEs in building a trusted profile with integrity through the blockchain network. On the blockchain, the data related to business transactions in the ecosystem can be easily verified. Tokoin uses the data recorded on the blockchain network as a valid indicator of business reputation. In other words, this reputation will be built on the customer’s behavior and activities, and this information will become an important part of the customer’s profile. With this approach, Tokoin can transform an accurate data record into a valuable asset that the MSME can use as leverage to offset its missing lending requirements, such as a measure of reliability.

However, building a valid ID and reputation for MSMEs is not the only solution that Tokoin offers. The company also offers funding and partnership opportunity for its costumer.

Tokoin Solutions

Building a Digital Identity. Tokoin platform established MSMEs reputation profile, the opportunity to help them build the confidence of banks, suppliers and other service providers. This solution is a level playing field so that MSMEs can not get a chance to use the service in advance.

Creating Funding Opportunity. Once an enterprise takes part in the Tokoin platform, it gains access to Tokoin financial partners. Tokoin already has established partnership with number of Bank and Multifinance instituion. The SMSE clients will have opportunity to investment.

Industry Partners & Business Development. The platform connects SMSEs with leading industry partners willing to collaborate with innovative ventures. Selected partners organize dedicated advisory sessions and specific activities with each startup while considering possible pilots, business development agreements, and investments.

Tokoin Token (TOKO) will be powered by an utility token, namely TOKO. TOKO token will serve as the native token on this platform with will be used as a form of interaction between participants. Initially, the token will be ERC-20 based which will later be converted should the team decide to move to another main-net.

Some other use-cases of the token include;

  • Form of incentive whenever a participant in the platform submits and validate a transaction data
  • Serves as pre-requisite for using some services on the platform such as business insights, access to advertisements and transaction data for service providers among several others.

The total supply of the token is 2,000,000,000 TOKO with 700,000,000 TOKO allocated for token sale in which funds gotten will be used for the kick-start of the platform.


Finally, you no longer have to search from lender to lender, and between a thousand different service providers to find the best growth resource for your business., a company dedicated to “Accelerating the MSME Growth,” offers a world-class business services you can use to start accelerating your business growth, and achieve the vision you have for your company.

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