Herbalife is a brand that sells supplements, meal-replacement shakes, energy bars, multivitamins, and mineral tablets.

According to its website, these products can help with:

  • successful weight loss
  • improved nutrition
  • enhanced personal care

A number of celebrities have credited Herbalife for boosting their weight loss.

How do the shakes, diet plans, and products work?

According to Netmums, there's no specific Herbalife diet to follow if you want to lose weight.

Instead, Herbalife recommends having a Formula 1 (F1) shake for breakfast and lunch, followed by a healthy dinner.

If you just want to maintain your weight, it recommends replacing one meal with a shake and eating two balanced meals per day.

These shakes are rich in dairy and soy protein and are said to provide all essential amino acids and essential vitamins and minerals.

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