Cryptocurrencies are blockchain-based digital currencies, which were originally created as a means for peer-to-peer, global payments. Besides bitcoin, there are many altcoins that are successfully enabling people around the globe to perform secure and instant transfers involving digital data and money. Titan coin is one such cryptocurrency.

Thanks to titan coin’s unique hybrid consensus mechanism, digital payment transactions are faster (almost instant) and more secure than ever.

However, people who have invested in the titan coin or who are planning to do so are now wondering what else, besides sending/receiving payments, can the titan coin be used for. You’ll find the answer to that question in this blog.


Of course, being a cryptocurrency, titan coin can be used by people as an investment product to put their savings in. Investing in titan coins works just like any other investment commodity, where you can choose to invest a certain amount of money (by purchasing titan coins) on a regular (SIP) or a one-time basis.

You can purchase titan coins from a number of exchanges, including Mercatox, Crex24, etc.


If you are looking to make instant profits from your titan coin (TTN) investment by participating in day trading, you can do so at any of the exchanges where the coin is listed.

Trading refers to the act of buying coins at a low price and selling at a higher price to make immediate profits in short periods.

Being a low volatile coin, however, TTN is more suitable for investing than trading.


Looking to earn more from your titan coins? Well, you can always participate in the staking & mining of new titan coins.

Titan coin is now in PoS mode, where you can get access to the mining platform by staking in titan coins.

The more coins you hold, the more you are eligible to mine new titan coins. For more details, you can check out this video

Access to amazing things

Titan coin is designed to support a complete ecosystem of many amazing things. These include titan projects, which are smart applications designed to help people with day-to-day tasks.

In the coming days, the Titanprojects team will be launching a series of awesome mobile apps, including the 3D Ludo game, Titan dating app, family security app, fantasy gaming app, among others.

These apps will enable everyone to perform a number of daily activities in a secure manner. Users will be able to access the apps and use the services through their titan coins.

Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

Cryptocurrencies have a great future, not just as a means for payments but also for creating new possibilities for organizations & individuals around the globe.

For instance, titan coin has the power to boost the development of a complete ecosystem around it. People are constantly looking for new, realistic ways to use digital currencies in real life.

Of course, digital currencies have many benefits over traditional, fiat currencies. The increasing demand for things like digital currency point-of-sale systems is a clear indication that the world is ready to accept cryptocurrencies for more than just payments.

This brings unlimited opportunities for startups and businesses to develop point-of-sale machines, accounting software and

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