Nowadays it is not that easy to buy cryptocurrency. I have seen it getting easier today than the early days: through exchanges like PointPay. It is much harder, though, to know when to and when not to invest in cryptocurrencies and how much to hold them.

PointPay being a holistic ecosystem for crypto banking has a flexible infrastructure for its products. Their native PXP tokens are primarily their payment instruments. There is an extensive range of services pertaining to holistic banking which is provided on convenient terms which also has fiat support.

PointPay Crypto Exchange with fully custom design for trade

The token holders investing in the native PXP will receive preferences while working within this ecosystem. It will also include discounts on the exchange, service speed, withdrawal of funds et al. This will considerably increase the demand for their native token which obviously increases its evaluation. The investors will obviously receive a bigger profit eventually.

The PointPay Crypto Exchange platform is also a part of PointPay ecosystem that features a mechanism of token-staking. It is also powered by a powerful UI that helps in seamless trading that works while complimenting other products within the ecosystem. It has the following features:

  • Simple, and intuitive interface for its new traders
  • A robust trading software made for the professionals
  • Referral system
  • Low trading fees
  • IEO support
  • Fiat support
  • Discounts and bonuses to its PXP holders

PointPay has the following range of products within its ecosystem with one-time registration process for all the products, that makes PointPay Crypto Exchange really unique.