Creative innovation in healthcare services is happening at a fast pace worldwide as a response to organisational bottlenecks and financial restrictions that the sector has been experiencing since decades. Besides unlucky policy-making, the crisis that many healthcare systems are facing is due to a failure in coping with a set of intertwined and urgent issues: among many other causes, a growing and aging population and radical budget cuts in the overall healthcare expenditure have shown to be central to this crisis.

Drawing a picture of contemporary challenges in health, might also give us some indications on where the disruption should come next. In particular a set of challenges comes from a highly globalized world that is in continuous transformation and under a rising performance pressure. To number a few:

  • Increasing demand of healthcare services from a growing and aging population
  • Epidemics and sudden health emergencies
  • Increasing of nutrition related problems and metabolic diseases
  • Unequal access to care and health services
  • Increasing number of refugees that have implications for the health systems in many countries around the world

To put it straight, we need a more human healthcare but we lack of resources to do so. Where can we find them? It’s time for a platform/network model of care.

Meets Bamboo

Bamboo enhances and promotes the care of the individual considering not only the medical but also the lifestyle and nutrition sides of the process of care, bringing people (health professionals, family & friends and neighbors) together around someone receiving care.

Bamboo is an application aiming to drive insurance accessibility by galvanizing contributing specialists on a massive blockchain ecosystem with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning embedded technology, delivering versatile & borderless transformative healthcare with the aim to eradicate the health protection gap.

Bamboo is then a blockchain and AI/ML based application that holds up an innovation process bridging, literally everyone, and helping the whole ecosystem to perform better in the challenging environment of today’s life with no shortcomings. The use of blockchain technology aims to store relevant inputs, build more modules for Al fraud detection, image processing, prescriptions. and reports.

Currently the project is focusing on the ASEAN market. The Bamboo developers found that the ASEAN healthcare sector were facing numerous shortcomings, including: Food Risk, Fraud, and Inefficiency.

The Features

Bamboo seeks to improve healthcare in ASEAN through an application that provides a comprehensive healthcare network, medical insurance, and health monitoring and recommendations. This would include reducing food risk and fraud through blockchain technology, AI, and machine learning. The application will serve its users by providing the following features:

  • A mobile app for consumers to take ownership of their healthcare data and wellness options
  • Smart-contract backed insurance on the Ethereum blockchain to prevent fraud
  • Partnerships with healthcare providers
  • Development of health screenings via smart devices
  • Support for food inspectors

The Business Model

Bamboo model is subscription based, meaning that its users buy a license to use Bamboo Application services. The application will be accessible to not just consumers, but also food manufacturers and healthcare providers. The application benefits its users by providing the following services:

  • Health monitoring
  • Lower insurance premium
  • Healthy Food, GYM & Fitness Service

The Bamboo Verdict

Bamboo developer intends to create an all-in-one healthcare service application with the best tools users can get in the market. Bamboo application will be the high quality, reliable, and secure platform which users will feel comfortable and confident at all stages of interaction within. For more information, you can visit Bamboo website, whitepaper, or join their telegram group for information update.

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