After long wait jelurida BV announced the Ardor of the token (ARDR) finally issued yesterday after the distribution process for 3 months (from July 12 - 13 October) that occurs through a process of screenshots. NXT balance of all accounts snapshot per hour and the average over time of the token and then distributed based on the balance of NXT. Since then, the Ardor of the token already began trading Bittrex and HitBTC, it is likely other markets will follow, Some exchanges have also been participating in the distribution of token Ardor, including Poloniex and Bittrex

ARDOR PLATFOM also called NXT 2.0, is Blockchain as a platform service (BaaS), which allows the creation of customized childchains so users can pull out assets with all the preferences that they want. 

Ardor is the evolution of the NXT platform, and was created to address the deficiencies in the old system and bring better scalability and new features. Ardor (ARDR) has a total supply of 1,000,000,000 it 100% distributed to holders of NXT. This token allows the user to shape the rewards from transaction fees. Evidence of ARDR as an asset on the NXT Blockchain and can then migrate to the platform's ARDArdor

Ardor is a platform Childchain and Childchain this will be the home of all the features of the old and new NXT. To have access to new features NXT 2.0, users use the childchain token, Token is also distributed according to NXT balance each user holds on the day of the launch platform and the first block (Gen. blocks) mined. 

On October 07, 2016, Damelon Jelurida BV announced the merger, a new startup software companies, the latest Q&A with the developers can be found  Here.