Digitization is taking over the world and it is happening at a fast pace and this is amazing. This is only possible because of the development of new technologies and daily improvements. This is interesting as every area of the world is affected by digitization. As digitalization of the world continues, a currency that will help the masses transition to a digital age is necessary and this leads to the creation of a digital currency called a cryptocurrency.

We have to know about https://gold.st/Storage

Digital GOLD uses block chain technology in gold coding to create Ethereum-based tokens that comply with the ERC20 protocol. These tokens are considered to be the Digital Gold Tokens (GOLD) used to provide liquidity for high-purity body gold (99% FINE gold) stored safely in the company's warehouses.

In case you're wondering whether the vault should be empty, (because I think about it), the vault is audited with the help of BullionStar with which the joint venture has partnered. This is to ensure transparency and to verify that the encrypted gold is safely stored. Whenever any gram of gold is tokenized, a corresponding amount of gold is pledged to the company's vault and the level of gold stored can be checked at any time.

To facilitate an excellent, easy and environmentally friendly buy / sell system, the challenge Digital Gold chose for the birth of a market. By using the Digital Gold Market, in fact, users can fill in the structure of starting a smart contract, then transfer the newly minted GOLD tokens. The market acts as a great desire for buying and selling GOLD tokens, as it allows customers to enhance these transactions immediately.

With this in mind, customers must enter the amount they want to buy and ERC20 Ethereum addresses where tokens will be credited. Users are authorized to enter optional details, such as their BTC return address or email address to confirm purchase based on email. When it actually works, the market will guide every purchase and earnings of the GOLD token.

The benefits provided by the Digital Gold platform include;

The process of buying physical gold is easy:

Buying physical Gold requires a lot of time for verification, lots of paperwork and extra costs. In addition, the cost of moving physical gold for trading purposes also increases the cost of physical gold due to its value in the world. With the Digital Gold platform, buying Gold will be made easy, seamless and transparent.

The Digital Gold Platform provides a token named Gold Token equivalent to 1g (one gram) of pure physical gold. In addition, the price of this token will always equal to the price of 1g (one gram) of pure physical gold. This token can be conveniently purchased from the platform and can be conveniently carried from place to place for business purposes and transactions in digital wallets. It can also be transferred from one digital wallet to another without any transaction fees, thus facilitating physical gold trading and promoting world participation in the cryptocurrency market.

Create a digital gold market:

Except in most countries, it is almost impossible to make cash withdrawals at an ATM with gold to make purchases or to settle some other financial responsibilities. This makes physical Gold a large asset pool unsuitable for daily business and financial transactions, thus reducing transactions in today's world. To enhance Gold trading, the Digital Gold platform has created a reliable market for easy, seamless purchase and sale, and the exchange of Gold Gold tokens for other cryptocurrencies such as coins. Electronic based on BTC or Ethereum. The Digital Gold Platform, in addition to creating a reliable Digital Market, also provides useful and up-to-date information on physical gold prices and gold tokens to assist users in making updated decisions. in Gold trading.

Confidentiality of transaction details:

Physical Gold token (is the creation of a gold token equivalent to 1g (one gram) of physical Gold) controlled by smart contracts and stored securely on a decentralized system of blockchain technology. Blockchain technology transaction details are kept safe and private. In addition, transaction details cannot be changed, thus ensuring increased accountability and transparency of digital gold.

Security of physical gold:

Physical gold storage is risky and this leads to a decline in the price of physical gold. With the Digital Gold platform, you can own tokens backed safely with physical gold. The Digital Gold Platform ensures that physical Gold is safely stored in the vault protected by the platform, thus reducing the risks associated with storing physical gold individually. The platform also ensures that physical Gold stored in vault can still be used for financial and business activities. Such as purchases, as a means of exchange and more, thus ensuring that its value as a means of exchange and payment is never lost even if it is stored securely. Whenever any gram of gold is tokenized, a corresponding amount of gold is physically committed to the company's vault and the amount of gold stored can be verified at any time.

Reduce transaction costs:

Trading gold tokens is carried out at a reduced cost by the Digital Gold Platform. The gold token issued on the ERC-20 wallet can easily be transferred without any transfer fee required by the platform for only a nominal network fee to process transactions on the ethereum network. . With the benefits provided by the Digital Gold platform, the integration of physical gold into the cryptocurrency market will be of great importance to the cryptocurrency market and the world in general and also improve / recover physical gold trading. Frequently asked questions about digital gold investment.

Is it safe to invest in digital gold?

Whether or not investing in digital gold is safe depends on the choice of the digital buying and selling platform you choose. My advice is that https://gold.st Storage is the safest and already has its own market audited by the world famous ChainSecurance company in Switzerland.

How to choose a secure digital gold platform?

Choose a platform that is as reliable as Gold.Storage. To look, find out how long the platform has existed, but what I know is that Gold.Storage has been around for a long time and has authentic gold stored at Bullionstar.

How to start investing in digital gold?

After you have decided on the digital gold platform you have chosen at https://gold.st Storage /. The next step is to visit the official website or visit Cryptex.net. Then register there to buy GOLD tokens there as much as possible or you can follow this method https://docs.google.com/document/d/1x7TSS0MxyYnVMLCZqzKCdPtuNyDeHhNC2lXd_mZveLc/edit

Can my digital gold be withdrawn as physical gold? Yes, in the future, your digital gold could be exchanged for physical gold, because right now the team is developing it so it will continue to be perfect. Make sure your digital gold meets physical gold units (from 1 gram to 100 grams). You can get physical gold for the future. Can I sell my digital gold directly from the app? Of course I can. From the perspective of the 3rd quarter route map, they will soon release iOS and Android-based apps so that once the app is launched, you can sell digital gold directly from the app.



The Digital Gold platform has what it takes to increase the physical gold integration into the cryptocurrency market. This integration made possible by the digital gold platform will improve our standard of living, bring the crypto market to the peak and improve the world's financial, industrial and economic sectors. Also increasing the increasing participation in pure gold trading.

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