Hi guys, Shortly I wanna show you about Thaler Financial Revolution System. How to pay for something in the present era has shifted into the digital sphere. How to pay digitally is considered to facilitate the user and reduce the errors that often occur in payment traditionally. In fact, the traditional way of payment is now almost extinct replaced by digital payments.

THALER Coin operating company is decentralized system which involves a blockchain and consists of several smart-contracts in the perimeter of the blockchain technology and its own crypto currency, And the platform is a system product created by a consortium of the most powerful, competent, and experienced logistic companies and organizations all over the world. And also blockchain and smart contracts serve as the way forward into the Industrial use, creating economies of scale and potentially aggregating supply. Decentralized manufacturing will make the industry more accessible, secure and economically sound for more participants in a direct peer-to-peer (P2P) ecosystem.

Therefore, the TAL Coin Wallet would central to every interaction in the ecosystem, and also be secure storage and exchange platform for both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, enabling users to deposit, hold, send, and exchange supported cryptocurrencies and fiat. Merchants can freely choose and switch between different blockchain assets for payments. Users can convert from BTC, ETH, and TAL vice versa, utilise peer-to-peer transfers and exchanges, and pay for merchant services.

The Thaler Project is a powerful and multifunctional tool focused on cryptocurrency market. It is the most actionable and multifunctional tool ever built for individual crypto-traders all over the world.

THALER Coin Mission is to open the cryptocurrency market to everyone with a variety of interesting products and services. As a trustworthy company, we encourage blockchain adoption and offer a safe and easy way to take part in the future of financial markets.

How does Thaler Coin intend solving this?

THALER platform simply offers multiple benefits for merchants and users, such as International Bank Account number for international payments, Online Shopping using multi cryptocurrency debit card. TAL Coin will offer users privacy and security of cryptocurrency while maintaining the liquidity we normally use with cash, there is a solution that allows users to spend crypto money easily like cash without the need to juggle a lot of wallets. They are simply working to bridge the gap between the cryptocurrency and the mainstream market. Thaler platform will act as online payment with multiple cryptocurrencies at various merchants

Trading Toolbox

A new cryptocurrency startup is bringing an advanced and multifunctional tool to the digital financial realm. Thaler Coin is thus introducing a total of instruments to leverage cryptocurrency trading. Through this, the platform hopes to negotiate the volatility of cryptocurrencies on different exchanges better, provide analysis of trending IEOs, and send users notifications as to investment timing.

TAL Tokens are designed to be exchangeable on cryptographic token exchanges. Thaler - Cryptocurrency Exchange Coin gives no warranties that TAL Tokens will be exchangeable on bigger exchanges, but undertakes on maximum effort basis to do everything that is rationally possible and within the powers of Thaler to enable exchanges of TAL Tokens to occur on as many exchanges as possible.

By understand acknowledge that Digital Assets, TAL Token, blockchain technology, Ethereum, Ether and other associated and related technologies are new and untested and outside of Thaler Coin exclusive control and adverse changes in market forces or the technology, broadly construed, may prejudice or halt Thaler Coin performance under these Terms and in such event Thaler Coin will not be responsible for the non-performance.

   Thaler Coin Project, the Platform, and the Website are provided without warranty of any kind, either express or implied. And the Platform will be available 100% of the time to meet your needs.

The Thaler Coin serve as multi-currency user-friendly debit card platform that allows users to, store their currency safely and spend it on everyday activities. They have developed a blockchain based platform where users can use their cryptocurrency easily for everyday activities. Thaler Coin is the solution that addresses this problem. Through payment terminals for merchants, IBAN numbers, and API/SCI functions, Thaler Coin will flawlessly bridge the gap between the cryptocurrency and the traditional financial assembly (and user) in the future of monetary payments. It is a payment platform that offers privacy and security of cryptocurrency to users while preserving the liquidity we normally use with fiat currency, there is a solution that allows users to spend crypto money easily with any small or large merchant or with online payments like cash without the need to handle a large number of wallets (all in one solution).

Thaler Token Information:

Total supply : 350.000.000TAL

Circulating supply :180.000.000TAL

Blockchain : Ethereum

Contract address: 0x375a08ce3a460f20bbafd282be1e3579a2c31f41

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