What Is Thaler:

https://www.thalertoken.com is a bridge creator between our community and large investors.The idea of crypto mass education will lead our token to mass adoption.

About Thaler:

https://www.thalertoken.com is a decentralized filter and linking platform which will provide cryptocurrency innovators an ecosystem where they can share information about their projects and get reliable Investors to partner with them. The THALER team understands that as new blockchain technologies are being developed, it is increasingly difficult for Investors to intelligently and informatively find the best cryptocurrency investments in the industry. On the other hand, it’s also difficult for the project creators to find funding for their projects. Thus, Thaler Crypto Foundation (T.C.F) will provide an ecosystem that solves these problems by connecting verified projects with Investors and Collaborators.


The Cryptocurrency sector has been faced with lots of challenges. This has put some investors far from investing in crypto related projects and has put skepticism in the minds of many investors due to some problems. As the investment opportunities within cryptocurrency evolve, new complexities have grown with them, leading to confusion and increasing the risk level for even the more experienced investor. Unlike traditional markets where certain predictable and time-tested economic and technical factors help theskilled investor make smarter decisions, cryptocurrency is still inherently unpredictable. And with no trusted entity to ensure the authenticity of specific decentralized assets, ICOs, Coins, and TIFs (Tokenized Investment Funds) many scams, Ponzi and MLMschemes have sprung up. As a result, most cryptocurrency investors, skilled and unskilled alike, are finding it increasingly difficult to distinguish between good and bad crypto investments. This often leads to legitimate projects lacking sufficient investors while scams, overt or covert, generate false hype while collecting large sums of money. Many investors have lost their hard-earned life savings due to a lack of awareness, a trusted entity on authenticating investments, and cryptocurrency knowledge. This diversion of focus and funding has caused injury to trust, projects, people and innovation.

Why choose Thaler :

Thaler can help create a bridge between Investors and small, but captivating projects that can improve the crypto space.

Thaler is fully decentralized and by definition the most trustable coin on the market! Our team motivation is to create the most trusted and low fee token on the market. This new concept is designed to support, guide and develop small, but engaging crypto projects by creating new collaborations/ partnerships between investors, business enthusiasts, IT engineers, crypto devotees, etc.

Our goal here remains the same: mass adoption.

First, every crypto project submitted to our foundation has to pass through a safety verification system by Thaler . We want to stimulate their competitiveness, thus every project that is accepted will be listed and graded on the Thaler website according to their degree of activity (ex. Junior, Senior).

We will only encourage enterprising, dynamic and committed projects that maybe, someday, they will change the way that the Crypto World works!

Token info:

Thaler is Ethereum blockchain for our amazing project called Thaler(TAL). Total supply : 350.000.000TAL Circulating supply :180.000.000TAL Blockchain : Ethereum Contract address: 0x375a08ce3a460f20bbafd282be1e3579a2c31f41

Token sale Thaler (TAL) Public Sale on VinDAX Launchpad on October 13, 2019 We are excited to announce the Thaler (TAL) Public Sale will take place on VinDAX Launchpad starting on October 13, 2019 10:00 UTC

* Public Sale Event

Session 1:

Session Supply: 10.000.000 TAL

BTC market: 3,000,000 TAL

ETH market: 3,000,000 TAL 

VDmarket: 1,000,000 TAL

USDT market: 3,000,000

TAL Price: 0.05 USDT Starting Time: October 13, 2019 10:00 UTC

Session 2:

Session Supply: 10.000.000 TAL

BTC market: 3,000,000 TAL

ETH market: 3,000,000 TAL

VD market: 1,000,000 TAL

USDT market: 3,000,000 TAL

Price: 0.07 USDT Starting Time: October 16, 2019 10:00 UTC

Read full info at: https://vindax.com/faq/thaler-tal-public-sale-on-vindax-launchpad-on-october-13-2019.html


Don’t forget to support our Token because Thaler Token is our tool that helps our Foundation to grow and evolve into a game changing commitment for the near future!

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