What is Refine Medium?

Refine Medium is a decentralized video sharing platform. With Refine Medium, authors can sell access to their valuable content, get contributions from users and make money from video ads.

Meanwhile, users can watch videos for free and receive rewards. Advertisers place ads and pay directly to users. Advertising budgets are distributed among content creators and viewers in general. No intermediaries like YouTube charge a high fee.

All payments on the platform are done automatically in the XRM token. Transaction history is stored on the blockchain.

The ecosystem revolves around Refine Medium, or XRM cards. These tokens are based on the Ethereum blockchain. They are the main tool for exchanging values between advertisers, content creators and users.

Refine Medium’s software code is open source and based on the Ethereum blockchain smart contract. Video content storage is decentralized and built on IPFS protocol.

Overall, Refine Medium aims to change the multi-billion dollar video sharing market. They want to target big suppliers like YouTube by providing decentralized, transparent, effective platforms with minimal costs.

Features of Refine Medium Here are some of the core features of Refine Medium:

1. Store video content decentralized (Refine Medium uses IPFS protocol)

2. Users can upload videos and create free channels.

3. Video producers can sell access to premium content.

4. Viewers can support and donate to content creators.

5. Users can receive rewards in exchange for watching free videos.

6. Anyone can buy premium content with XRM tokens.

7. Advertisers can advertise on the platform and send payments directly to users including video creators and viewers.

8. Open source software is built on Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts.

All payments on the platform are done automatically in XRM tokens and are stored on the blockchain.

XRM tokens is based on the Ethereum blockchain smart contract and is the main tool for transferring value between advertisers, content creators and users.

XRM tokens can easily be purchased or sold in any cryptocurrency exchange process in the world as soon as the token is completed.

The hierarchical storage of videos uploaded on the platform is built on the IPFS protocol, allowing storage of distribution network files without any shared control center.

How does Refine Medium work?


Advertisers can upload promotional videos to the platform. Advertisers can set prices per view, then target viewers based on country, city, gender, age, and interests.

Advertisers can add their banners or place a short promotional video of up to 30 seconds in the videos listed by the uploader for free.

Advertisers can add videos promoting specific products or services to the market Viuly along with text descriptions, specifications and prices.

Videos will only be shown to users in the selected target group. Advertisers pay the cost of each view for the platform, the author receives 65% of the amount and the user receives 25%. If users are interested in a specific product, they can buy the product or service advertised in the video by clicking on the “Buy” button and paying XRM tokens directly from their wallet to the customer’s wallet.

Content creator

Video creators can upload their videos and specify prices on a per-view basis only. Users interested in viewing premium content may pay the specified cost, then immediately they may have access to the video. This allows content creators to sell video lessons at high prices, for example.

Video creators can also create paid channels. Users can pay a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly subscription fee for that channel.

Ads embedded in each video. Video creators can specify which videos are free to watch, supported by ads (not based on subscriptions). However, users can also launch the video as a “free advertisement” and place a donation button below the video. Viewers can support creators by sending them XRM tokens.


Users can watch videos for free without ads. Or, they can assist content creators via donation buttons, paid channel subscriptions or watch ad supported videos.

However, users also have the opportunity to earn money by only viewing ads. Users may choose to watch advertiser-uploaded video ads. In this case, they receive 90% of the price per view specified by the advertiser.

Users can use XRM cards directly from their wallets. They can buy the goods and services advertised in the video they are watching, for example or pay the seller with XRM tokens.

What is XRM Tokens?

XRM Tokens is based on smart contract Blockere Ethereum (ERC20). All transactions on the platform are clearly recorded and stored in the blockchain.

Blockchain and tokens are two important kernels that can make payments transparent, anonymous, towards decentralized video platforms, video storage and common user agreements.

The prospect

of XRM Tokens The prospect of XRM Tokens is mainly related to the development of user base on Refine Medium platform. The more users and more video views, the more advertisers will advertise their products. Therefore, revenue and demand for tokens cards will increase. Furthermore, there will be a platform-based market where users can purchase different goods and services and pay for purchases with XRM Tokens.

All common agreements between advertisers, content creators, users, sellers and buyers are all done by XRM Tokens: this will directly drive the need for XRM tokens.

The number of physical XRM cards tokens is limited. Therefore, due to continuous demand for a scarce resource, the price of XRM Tokens will increase continuously.


Video sharing platforms like YouTube dominate the market. However, they provide a secondary experience for advertisers, content creators and viewers. Viewers are not paid to see ads. Content creators receive only 40 to 50% of the revenue generated by their videos. And advertisers lose intermediaries. Meanwhile, the platform Refine Medium aims to solve these problems. All common agreements are made directly between advertisers, content creators and users, and intermediaries are excluded.

Users who view and subscribe to the Refine Medium video will receive between 25% and 95% of the amount allocated by the advertiser. Creators upload their video content on this platform, receive 65% of what advertisers pay and 90% of the money received as a payment from users viewing their premium content . Refine Medium provides advertisers with accurate statistics for each ad view. All data is recorded on the blockchain and can be re-examined by both advertisers and third party auditors. Advertising costs are 20% lower than centralized video platforms. Payments are made directly, without intermediaries and completely transparent.

Social Network Information

Website: https://refinemedium.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RefineMedium

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/refinemedium/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/refinemedium/

Reddit: https://old.reddit.com/r/RefineMedium/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjkVHV4ifQGushiquG70r_g

Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/Gd45-BKEzwRk9YsbmDmgcg

BTT Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2675979

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