While the cryptocurrency markets are in turmoil, the industry continues to build and move forward with exciting new developments. One such development comes from a growing cryptocurrency banking services.

The cryptocurrency banking services provider we speak of is Pngme.com, a digital banking alternative to the traditional brick and mortar banking system and supporter of cryptocurrency. Meet the first account that combines everyday banking features with ones built for the crypto economy. With just a few clicks you can make international payments, Lend and borrow money, and Earn interest on the money saved.

Pngme: Borderless Payments, Lending, and Credit

The reason why cryptocurrencies have not achieved mainstream adoption is that the majority of people still think of them only as another store of value, a risky investment and nothing else. The truth is, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are much more than that.

Pngme offers its clients a multifunctional platform of banking service, which represents a hybrid system combining digital and traditional currencies. The use of digital currencies makes operations faster and cheaper, while traditional currencies guarantee practically all-round acceptance and validity. One account combination allows clients simultaneously using advantages of both types of currencies. All main operations of Pngme will be available through mobile bank.

With Pngme mobile banking, users can receive loans and credits, immediate fund transfer all over the world, and bank deposit opening. Reward programs will also be organized with the possibility to receive loyalty reward on referral system or Pngcoin balance saving.

Moreover, Pngme mobile banking application concerns to implement Blockchain technology to ultimately achieve a decentralized and cashless society without relying on trusted third parties such as banks. Also, tools such as smart contracts promise to automate many problematic processes in the banking sectors, from compliance and processing requirements to content distributions.

Pngme Features

The Pngme cryptocurrency mobile banking offers the following features:

  • Mobile Payments: Low or fee-less mobile payments in your local or digital currency
  • Everyday Accounts: Easily create a daily spending account for everyday mobile payments
  • Loan Marketplace: Lend and borrow money on Pngme at competitive interest rates
  • Credit Score: Algorithmic credit score created from a user's mobile digital footprint
  • Piggy Bank: Earn interest on the money saved in your Pngme piggy bank account
  • Rewards: Earn Pngcoin rewards when you refer friends and save Pngcoin

Pngcoin (PNG)

The Pngme ecosystem will have its own Pngcoin (PNG). Pngcoins are implemented on the public Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 compliant. The total supply is 1,192,258,185 PNG. The initial price of private sale will be 1 PNG = $0.02.

Token Details

  • Name: Pngcoin
  • Platform: Ethereum, ERC-20
  • Symbol: PNG
  • Private Sale Price: $0.02
  • Total supply: 1,192,258,185

Pngme Team

Pngme is led by Brendan Playford, Founder/CEO. Brendan has vast experience in FinTech along with comprehensive entrepreneurial background. He also has a strong trend forecasting ability in developing distributed system and blockchain architecture. Thus, the potential of Blockchain technology prompted him to develop Pngme, the mobile cryptocurrency bank.

Other team member of professionals and experts, including:

Pngme Verdict

Pngme will become a fully digital bank, accessible all over the world and at any moment. It will conduct all functions of a typical bank but without any bank departments and front-offices maximum relying on new digital technologies. This will allow Pngme to become one of the most inexpensive banks in the world with a very profitable level of cost-to-profit ratio.

For more information about Pngme, you can visit online today on their Website, Whitepaper, or gain information on their Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts.


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