What is L2L

L2L is to make world wide sustainability and prosperity accessible for everyone. With innovative use of blockchain technology, we want to give every individual a place in the new world economy,one that is more local, less hectic and overall happier.

About 2Local

The new cryptographic money 2local will practically speaking go about as a neighborhood cash, while keeping up a worldwide association. With the new framework, nearby exercises are associated with the whole world while profiting by the upsides of nearness, maintainable vehicle, and better control choices in short chains. By presenting 2local, we expel the simplicity with which banks practice their imposing business model position.

2Local plans to make worldwide sustainability and Prosperity open by annihilating worldwide destitution and yearning and taking care of ecological and atmosphere issues. Shoppers purchasing nearby, maintainable items get money back to make consequent buys simpler.

Our methodology fixates on building up another installment framework, utilizing blockchain innovation. This framework conveys an advanced money that is available to everybody and that gives money back to neighborhood and economical buys.

2Local short to get manageability and world riches from making the Local and economical buys accessible to all gatherings. We utilize most of the electronic cash to interface and shopper organizations meet on cutting edge square chain mechanical developments. 2Local can be your concept of ​​business individuals who need to utilize this and to make choices. Our vision is to annihilate destitution and hunger and take care of the atmosphere and natural issues.

The L2L token

L2L token is built on a special algorithm, which is associated with the cashback system. A commission is charged on each transaction and then, together with profit in the system, is returned to 2loca l users , of course, if they purchase products from campaigns that can prove that they are producing a quality product. To make a deal, you must register at https://2local.io/ . The official website is a kind of trading platform on which there is such an important section as the search for companies where the consumer can easily find a company that sells products stably and locally.

The L2L token can be just a prep to get the 'algorithm-backed Stablecoin' associated with a cash-back technique. A commission is deducted out of every move, which with the benefit of the device, is coming back into the individuals 2local should they buy renewable or neighborhood services and products out of the associated businesses, i.e. organizations which may prove they deliver independently and independently. They could enroll in this particular around the internet site 2local. io. A vitally significant part of this site could be your market place department with an internet search functionality. This attracts consumers anyplace or nearer to those businesses which offer.

Token sale:

Presales : Oct 01, 2019 - Oct 16, 2019

Public sales : Oct 17, 2019 - Dec 21, 2019

Presale token supply : 182,000,000 L2L

Token supply : 21,000,000,000 L2L

Total tokens Sale : 330,000,000 L2L

Hard cap : 15,000,000 EUR

Token Name : L2L

Token Type : Cryptocurrency Token

value in USD : 1 L2L = 2.78 USD

Token value in EUR : 1 L2L = 2.5 EUR

Accepted Payment : FIAT, BTC, ETH, XLM

Bonus program :

Pre-sale : 70%

bonus Main-sale : 30% bonus.

Token distribution :

Supply Limit : 182000000

Development : 20000000

Incentives : 20000000

Stablecoin Reserve : 109000000

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