Freelanex is a decentralized platform which provides an environmental system on Blockchain. It represents a unique opportunity for approaching bargains by using a decentralized System with smart contracts, through an interface user friendly. Freelanex introduces a pellucid and trustworthy transactions system and the employee protection rights protects the freelancers from fraudulent and unprincipled practices – a hence win-win situation on both ends.

Freelanex Mission

We believe in empowering freelancers and providing them with a trusted environment to connect with job opportunities everywhere, anywhere and at any time. We have recognized that the environment for freelancers and clients is very volatile at this moment, and we are on a mission to build trust and a pleasant workspace forall.

Freelanex Vision

Freelanex connects millions of freelancersall around the world with job opportunities through a real work environment created to promote collaboration, transparency and payment security. Freelanex is leveraging the power of blockchain and artificial intelligence to build the largest and most trusted online workspace environment for freelancer swhile allowing them to invest and benefit equally through platform scalability. We envision a future where freelancers all over the world will have unrestricted access to growth and trust while working online.

Freelancers Distribution in terms of continents

Asia: 11.3%

North America: 59.7%

South America: 4.0%

Africa: 1.4%

Europe: 20.3%

Australia: 3.3%

Why Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain can guarantee transactions agreed between freelancers and their clients by using smart contracts. Smart contractsare used to merge contract conditions making decisions automatic – according to the rules of blockchain and smart contract – for each person in the network as well as transactions on the ledger.

Overview of Market Problems

Lack of uniform guidelines

Lack of high speed and ease in distrust and confidence

Strong control over bargains and high fees imposed on independent sites

Change of agreement between the two sides and violations of the Convention

Sometimes it is difficult to receive payments from the client and the transaction is canceled

There is no process to verify the data included on both sides to confirm its transparency or accuracy

It takes time to look for demand and supply and sometimes when it is present it is inefficient and reliable

There is no smooth and transparent way of trust that can be used to get benefits for both sides

System Solutions Provided

Ease of use

Through a flexible intelligent and efficient user interface for everyone

Smart Contract

Through the use of smart contracts the warranty is available to users without the intervention of intermediaries

Perfect security

We are committed to secure all transactions with security

No geographical barriers

There will be no geographical barriers between users communicating and working from anywhere and anytime

Customer Service

Customers can instantly find the service they need at any time

Transaction fees

Different from other platforms in terms of high transaction fees as the transaction fees on the platform Just (8% to 10%)

Continuous support

Continuation of technological support for the platform through the use of artificial intelligence mechanisms in the system


Offering free and paid courses to provide a range of work for people wishing to enter Freelancers

Review transactions

Review and evaluate the information through product audit and evaluation for all parties

Freelanex Platform

As we already said, Freelanex is a decentralized platform which provides an environmental system on Blockchain. Thanks to it, freelancers and their potential clients will be easily in contact – having the opportunity to work together in a trustful ecosystem – where all the working relationships will be managed by our Smart Contract and will be guaranteed thanks to the use of the blockchain technology. All transactions between the Freelancer and the client will be unchangeable, transparent and trustworthy. In addition, our system will be strong and resistant for any breach to protect Blockchain data storage. To provide security for users in Blockchain there are standards and features, that will be automatically applied by Blockchain – programming withinthe smart contract, to allow data validation in less than a second:

Payment guarantees


Legal conditions


About the work of the system

Freelanex combines each element of the platform to form an ecosystem capable

of providing trust and transparency to users and ensuring the rights of both parties



Smart Contract

Wallet System

Time Planner

Delivery and Approval

Smart Contract Guarantees

How will the smart contract protect both the buyer (employer) and the seller (freelancer)?

The smart contract includes and guarantees the following interactions between counterparties:

Guarantee of contract.

The buyer starts buying through a smartcontract.

Freelanex to protect the funds required in the buyer’saccount.

Seller will deliver the product.

Within a limited period of time, the buyer shall examine the product and accept or makea decision in terms of the transaction.

Aftertransaction approval, funds are transferred to the appropriate accounts.

Token Sale Parameters:

Token Symbol: FLXC

oken Name: Freelanex

Token Type: ERC20

Total Token Supply: 10,000,000,000 FLXC

Cost of 1 FLXC Token: 0.004 USD

Soft Cap: 1,000,000 USD

Hard Cap: 10,000,000 USD

Accepted Currencies: BTC and ETH

Whitelist: Yes

KYC (Know Your Client): Yes, through exchange

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