The foundation of every business depends on the customers, hence their opinions, compliants, experience etc must be considered as a top agenda to enable the continuous sustainable growth of concerned companies or businesses. Customers have the right to voice out their desires and experiences about products and services they have encountered and in return, companies can learn and understand their flaws and how they can improve as well as provide the services expected by the costumers. This information given out by the customer is known as FEEDBACK, where it can be negative or positive depending on how the customer feels about the services or products rendered to him or her.

Many companies understands and see the importance of their products or services and how it influences the market but fail to view the imperfections associated with their designed products or services, which is why the customer exist to help companies and industries evaluate the products from their personal perspective because the product is actually created for them. When customers are asked by companies to give out important feedback about their products, the customer feels valued and as a member of the creative team. This helps to build a more personal - business relationship between the customers and companies, where the customer are able to view the company as an enterprise developed and comprised of friendly individuals who are considerate towards the opinions of their loyal customers.

Collecting feedbacks should not be the only action a company undertakes in building a positive purchase experience for their customers. The concerned companies must create an adequate action or strategy to tackle the unsatisfied feedback from the customers as well as develop more unique actions to enhance their business operations and products. Getting the right and informative feedbacks from customers isn't easy but there is a company called Easy Feedback, that can help in making the process convenient and simpler. 


Easy Feedback is a company established to interconnect companies with customers, allowing easier exchange of feedbacks for efficient growth of concerned companies. The company have launched their platform which supports in furthering their aim of being a trusted, reliable and efficient intermediary that connects companies and customers to enable simplified generation of feedbacks that builds business - purchase relationships, development of concerned companies and tackle the problems of poor customer service and product experience. 

Easy feedback is developed based on a renowned concept known as Blockchain Technology and the company was initiated in 2015. From it's very inception, Easy Feedback has allowed users to express their opinions, complaints, experiences etc about products and services which amounts to more than 10,000 feedbacks and accessible to 50 countries worldwide. 

Motivating users engagement is a top priority of Easy feedback, therefore the company developed the Easy Feedback Token (EFT) which will be used in rewarding users who give out valuable and informative feedbacks about experiences from a product and services. As a user who received EFT based on positive contributions, you will be able to conveniently purchase good and services from the Easy Feedback online market. Using Easy Feedback as an intermediary, guarantees that customers will be anonymous while their feedback will reach the concerned companies wherein Easy Feedback will ensure that the company take actions and decisions based on the collected customer feedbacks. 

Companies can also utilize a powerful tool called Easy Feedback Pro incorporated into the Easy Feedback platform. Easy Feedback Pro helps companies to provide more transparent services, properly manage customer bad experience including providing opportunities of avoiding it, recieve valuable feedback and execute important decisions entirely based on the customer feedbacks. The Easy Feedback company has also developed other future plans to improve their platform as well as help companies enhance their products and services via Easy Feedback IoT( Internet of Things), Easy Feedback survey and Easy Feedback Review. 


Token symbol - EFT,

Soft cap - 300,000 USD

Hard cap - 67,550,000 USD.

Token value - 0.05USD.

Total supply of EFT - 179,141,000,000.

Initial sale allocation of tokens - 1% ( from 179,141,000,000).

Remaining 99% - Rewarded to feedback providers.

Minimum EFT (which can be purchased) - 1000 EFT ( for 50 USD).

Accepted currencies for EFT purchase - BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, DASH, ETC, USDT, XRP,

Dollar, Euro.

The Total allocation of EFT is distributed as follows,

Sale - 75.42%(1,351,000,000 EFT)

Sale bonus - 13.45%(240,900,000 EFT)

Rewards - 1.67%(30,000,000 EFT)

Lottery draw - 1.67%(30,000,000 EFT)

Advisors - 3.52%(63,000,000 EFT)

Referrals - 3.52%(63,000,000 EFT)

Online store bonus - 0.75%(13,510,000 EFT)


Easy feedback is a unique blockchain based platform designed to help customers share their opinions and experience about products and services while in helping companies to use these important information obtained form their customers to further more development and growth in their business operations. The Easy Feedback platform and it's features is recommended for any company hoping to understand the needs of their customers and likewise, enhance their products and services value. 

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