Along with its development, information and communication technology is also increasingly helping and facilitating humans in various sectors of life, Even the tourism sector was also helped by the development of technology and communication. The role of information and communication technology in the tourism sector is quite large and important,

Information and communication technology not only makes it easier for tourists to find out about tourist attractions but also in planning and vacation trips, for example such as booking travel tickets, booking hotels, choosing tourist attractions, making transactions, etc.

These things can be done very easily and quickly, only by operating social media gadgets, or young people often refer to it as SOSMED. Through highly sophisticated social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others currently available, information can spread very quickly, so that any news can appear and be read directly through social media. tourists can get information that is fast, precise, accurate and easy.

If studied objectively, it cannot be denied that with social existence there are advantages and disadvantages. The business side is that social media can be used as a promotional media with unlimited reach and effective and efficient marketing communication tools. But the negative side, social media can also be used by people who are not responsible for spreading false news (hoaxes), either consciously or unintentionally.

SiriusX will be the largest and only platform in the world that integrates and combines the most profitable and most popular entertainment sectors with its extensive but user-friendly social network on the blockchain using smart contracts.

Problems and solutions Travel is now considered relatively safe and accessible to everyone, but despite all the progress, there are still many problems for travelers. The topic of cost may play the most decisive role for the majority. Offers for flights and hotels are compared many times to ensure you get the cheapest. When exchanging currencies, terrible fees are paid to the bank and exchanged.

SiriusX is the first blockchain-based platform that combines two rapidly developing tourism and social media sectors. With a variety of offers from hotels to flights or cruises to events, there's nothing left for travel enthusiasts. SiriusX's integrated social network gives users the opportunity to meet like-minded people, share travel experiences, and receive SiriusX token prizes. All of this is available, anytime, anywhere, paid for with a SiriusX payment card - cost effective and in no time thanks to blockchain technology! Project mission.

Main offer for our users! Prepare for your dream vacation with SiriusX! Find homes, apartments, hotels, cruises, car rentals and tickets for events around the world at the best prices! Order securely without high transaction costs with cryptocurrency, but it is also possible with fiat money. Decentralized social networking platform.

Source of entertainment and social networking information integrated in one platform. Introduce yourself to your personal profile at your convenience! Share pictures, stories and experiences and let the SiriusX community participate! You also have the opportunity to get SiriusX tokens with your travel report if you are chosen by the community! SiriusX Card.

The SiriusX platform will become a user network, with an actual ecosystem. Because this project focuses on Gen-Z (born between 1995 and 2010, the oldest is now 24 years in 2019), which will become the majority of global tourists in the coming years when using online travel planning, there is no doubt that SiriusX is a user base - and hence the size of the network - will grow very fast. Various factors can drive the growth of the SiriusX platform ecosystem, both on the corporate side and on the side of potential supporters and travelers.

  1. Partnership
  2. Large audience
  3. Selling power
  4. Property
  5. Token Sales

SiriusX FinTech runs its own ERC20 Token on the biggest and most popular blockchain platform: Ethereum. With SiriusX digital currency (SRX), we promise transactions between buyers and sellers through cryptographic exchanges and between SiriusX users and our cooperation partners.

SRX liquidity will increase as demand and benefits become more consistent. When paying with SRX, security is guaranteed according to blockchain standards and protection of personal user data.


During Pre-sale (1 Dec - 31 December), 5 million SiriusX tokens will be released to public.

1 SRX 0.05 US Dollars

30 days duration

Minimum purchase of 0.5 ETH

Purchase a maximum of 150 ETH

Market capitalization of 250,000 US Dollars

ICO - Initial Coin Offer

The minimum payment for purchasing SiriusX tokens (SRX) is $ 150. SiriusX tokens will be listed on the crypto exchange. After ICO SRX will be publicly available for exchange and trading. After the SiriusX platform is fully operational, the use of SRX will become active and sustainable between the company and its users. When the level of popularity increases, the demand and general value of the currency will also increase. Token ERC-20 is a program that works on Ethereum Virtual Machines from Ethereum - Blockchain. The smart contract guarantees that the SiriusX token allocation plan remains unchanged. It is impossible to make more than 100,000,000 tokens. This means after the list in the exchange price depends exclusively on market demand and not on technical manipulation.

Token distribution

ICO: (82%)

Team: (10%)

Pre sale: (5%)

Rewards: (1%)

Airdrop: (1%)

Advisor: (1%)

Distribution of income


Marketing: (35%)

Bounty: (10%)

Reserves: (5%)

Legal: (5%)



Patrick Scheiter: Co-Founder & COO

Peter Metzler: Co-Founder & CFO

Daniel Kirchgesner: Software Engineer & CTO

Philipp Salanta: Business Developer

Sebastian Pinca: Blockchain Developer

Selina Grigat: Head of Marketing

Faraz Moeini: UI/UX Designer

Jonas Scherrer: Community Manager

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