https://aerotoken.org/ Aerotoken represents a symbol of revolution in the crypto ecosystem, a project with the platform to balance the decade longed imbalance in the crypto sphere. AEROTOKEN provides a cost effective measure to mine cryptocurrency without incurring exorbitant costs in setting up mining devices. With the Ethereum blockchain acting as the fuel to power the engine of the AEROTOKEN PROJECT, every successfully completed transaction carried out on the Ethereum blockchain ERC20 automatically mines the token quantity by 0.01% controlled inflation rate.


AEROTOKEN AET, will be the first inflationary token to be adopted by the aviation industries as a medium of payment. This covers booking of flight tickets and procurement of aircrafts, including it's gadgets and accessories. This will become fully functional after the widespread actualization of the global partnership with the aviation industries.

Following the Launch of the AEROTOKEN APP, all crypto enthusiasts can be able to trade AET, and make savings using our unique AET APP.

With the adoption of our cryptocurrency utility based integration, AET will be used as means of legal tender and key of passage to cryptoenthusiasts who wish to partake in our broad range of services and skill acquisition not limited to creation of artificial intelligence robots, programming skills, and drone technology as such individuals can fully participate and acquire some high tech skills and knowledge.

Our retail partnership programs when fully secured, will avail investors and holders of AET the opportunity to make purchases and exchange for goods and services in local shops and markets across the globe using the AEROTOKEN.

As outlined in our roadmap, after the expected eventual launch of the AEROTOKEN exchange, AET will be adopted as the major accepted cryptocurrency with which participants, vendors and business owners can launch their IEOS or get their crypto token listed in the AEROTOKEN exchange.


The Aerotoken project is equipped with high technological advancements and a highly dedicated team of experts across all fields of life, embellished with a broad spectrum of case use and utility value to ensure that AET stands out as the world's most revolutionary token in the cryptoecosystem and the globe at large.

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