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DMST is a course of Decentralized Mindset institutes about Ethereum blockchain technology that is conducted online. This is about the first cryptocurrency course, a subject that uses software as a building medium. DMST is a decentralized Institute of Mindset institute that studies about Money, Global economics, money history, federal reserve history, and central bank history. This is the first project formed to provide a fundamental experience for users to be able to understand about the world of cryptocurrency completely and decentralized.

As a Decentralized Mindset Platform, DMST is a very profitable institute for users in general. Why is that ?? Because with the courses they have gained while joining the DMST Platform, users can sell their courses on the Decentralized Mindset platform by using DMST tokens. Through the courses they have learned while studying, students can find out in full about the world of cryptocurrency, which will be very beneficial for the development of the cryptocurrency world in the future through a decentralized mindset.

Why choose DMST Token ?

-Mobile Applications,

You can manage everything using the DMST mobile app, users can download DAPP DMST, via smartphones & internet connections, Which can be used for buy or manage DMST courses wherever you are.

-Secured Platforms,

The purpose of the Decentralized Mindset Institute is to provide true direction and knowledge to students to avoid hackers through a decentralized network on a blockchain without a centralized server.

-Blockchain Infrastructure,

As an ERC-20 Token, DMST Token is a token that is very easy for its users. Because the DMST token is based on a standard POS token built on Ethereum Blockchain technology. The community will be very easy to use this DMST token trading and exchange transaction tool.

-Without a third party,

Students and course providers will use the DMST token as a tool for all transactions. So users do not need a bank or credit card company for all transactions. Because all transactions will be carried out using DMST tokens, inside the Platform.

-Global System,

Based on the technology adopted, the Institute of Decentralized Mindset Platform teaches students to provide true education about the world of cryptocurrency, online. This is a very important and useful thing for users for the purpose of future cryptocurrency.

-Competitive Multicurrency,

Users will get a DMST Multicurrency wallet, via the downloaded application. This wallet functions as a storage and tool that can be used for every trade and exchange transaction.

The Benefits Of DMST Platform Are:

- Course Providers,

Course providers can make payments that can be done using the DMST Token, where by using this DMST Token, the course providers do not need to worry about hacking and there is no need for third parties, such as credit card companies, Paypal, clickbanks and others. Because all payments will be made using the DMST Token through the DMST Platform. This is to provide security and fast payments with a decentralized system.

- User,

Besides it will also share in the revenue generated by the company through Evidence (POS) from the Stake Algorithm. Students will not only receive the best Decentralized Knowledge in the industry but they will be trained in an expert Decentralized mindset a way that will change the way you do business forever.

- Institute,

By continuing to increase stakes in the stake pool, students who have taken courses will also have the opportunity to earn income while studying. Through the downloadable application, students will have lifetime access with proof of ownership. The Decentralized Thinking Institute Institute will encourage users to risk DMST Tokens for betting prizes. Because the DMST token is an ERC-20 token that runs on the Ethereum blockchain.

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