Blockchain technology falls in the category of the fastest growing industries in today's world. About a decade ago, the technology has been in existence but never gained the global attention. One amazing fact about Blockchain is that it's beneficial and applicable in almost all sectors of life. Blockchain technology is ready to take over the world just like internet did far back in the 90's .Personally, I have started seeing Blockchain as the next big thing that will revolutionize the world. Some countries of the World who doesn't embrace cryptocurrencies can't do without Blockchain technology. A very good example is China where different giant blockchain companies operated. Today,am going to base the topic of my discussion on a game changing Blockchain powered platform named Function X.Function X is not conducting any fundraising at the moment, it is an existing platform with a very good working products and services. The Platform focused on building a decentralized internet and economy at large. The Team of Function X envisioned blockchain will be the next huge thing in the World because of the unlimited potentials it has and to make this vision get accomplished, the Team believes blockchain has to be integrated into human's life and they are working towards building a decentralized internet.


Internet has improved the livelihood of all human race ever since its inception. The derivable advantages from internet technology is immeasurable. It connects the entire world together and improve all sectors of human's life. Despite unending advantages the internet offers the world, there still exist some loopholes which make some people are skeptical about the technology and not wanting to trust it completely. Currently, the world operates on a centralized internet system and the basic challenges in the system is the lack of privacy and insecurity. Sensitive data,information, and documents are preferred to be stored and transferred using an offline medium and storage system than using hackable and fragile cloud storage system. Some centralized internet companies are fond of intruding into their users' privacy which gives discomfort to the internet users. It is not new that the user's data are being collected and sold without their consents. In addition, hackers find it easy to hack into centralized system in which users' personal identities are being stolen.

In a bid to change all these negative trends and make life easier and secured for every internet users,Function X platform has emerged to lead the revolution .They are ushering into the World an absolute decentralized economy in which blockchain will integrate into the world of telephony, storage, data transmission, internet and other industries that require security and privacy. The current Global financial system is filled with so many loopholes that needs to be amended. Function X is taking the use of Blockchain beyond just financial transfer and transactions. They are integrating Blockchain into almost all aspects of human's life .The company intends to displace the incumbent technology with more superior ones that will be x20 fold better than the current system in terms of efficiency,security, transparency, speed, governance, and scalability. To accomplish all these, they have created some hardware devices which are built on blockchain. Examples are BOB (Xphone), which is the world-first Blockchain smart phone, XPOS, a smart Point of Sale device that accept cryptocurrency payments and Function X nodes, smart devices which function as Function X nodes.


Generally the structure of the F(x) ecosystem is solely designed on Blockchain. All bit and byte in Function X are Powered on Blockchain. The entire ecosystem is decentralized including the application source code, the hardware and transmission protocols is completely decentralized and secured.All smart devices in Function X ecosystem, be it BOB X phone or smart POS can function as a node and have their own private key linked directly to their various node's name. FunctionX Smart phone have 2 operating systems consisting of Android OS 9.0 and Blockchain modes. The users can select the mode they wish you to use.



Function X offers utility token.As we all know the centralized system is not effective and costly. If i want to travel out of my country I will need to change my local fiat currency which will require a very costly service charge. With XWallet, XPOS, and XPASS card payment gateway i can change my national fiat and transact with minimal fees without any need of intermediary. FUNCTION X vision is very broad, the company intends to establish an independent and decentralized ecosystem that does not rely on human resources or organization to function. This will ensure efficiency and more transparency because any organization managed by human is prone to manipulation .Function X Operating system (OS) will enable smart hardware and IoT's to benefit from the huge potential utility of Decentralized world. An in house solution which will enable mobile phones leveraging the Function X OS in the form of XPHONE and currently the smart mobile device is in the global market for public consumption.Lastly Function X has built a decentralized solution which consists of 5 major components:

(i) Function X Operating System (OS)

(ii) Function X Distributed Ledger ( Blockchain)

(iii) Function X IPFS (iv) FXIP Protocol and

(iv) Function X Decentralized Docker. The above-listed 5 major components are designed in other decentralized services within the Fx ecosystem, services-such, apps, webs, communication, Data, and storage.

Final thought,

Function X is a very huge company with unlimited potential. The goals and objective of the company are very robust and they have started to accomplish them. It is no doubt that in the soonest time Function X will attract a huge number of users because of the product and services they offered .The more their products and services are consumed by users the more the company grows and their token add values. It worth to pay a very close attention to this class of project.This is not an investment advice and i will urge everyone to do their due diligence. Be part of something BIG.

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