SYNCHROBIT is an innovative business platform created to ensure traders receive profit from cryptocurrency trading and investments without bothering themselves about risks because SYNCHROBIT plans to lower trading fees with the launch of their trademark token named SNB token. SYNCHROBIT exchange platform is developed to be a decentralized, Peer to Peer, hybrid business platform which enables users to exchange their digital assets in pairs, with provision of sufficient liquidity.

Over the years, blockchain technology introduction gave rise to cryptocurrencies which brought about more advancement in the financial market. Cryptocurrency exchanges exist to allow cryptocurrency users obtain more access to cryptocurrency, hence utilizing this medium provides opportunity to use virtual assets for cross border payments and transactions without involvement of centralized control.

Although, cryptocurrency exchanges creates limitless opportunities for cryptocurrency users, some of them are faced with several difficulties where these concerned trading platforms due to their poor structural features are unable to handle vast amounts of transactions and payments processing requests from their increasing users. Presence of inadequate security features is also included as a problem because these exchanges are incapable of protecting their users funds against hacks. Challenges can arise from unavailability of trading tools and user-friendly system to help users navigate and use the platform with ease. However, the cryptocurrency community requires an exchange platform that is completely secure, transparent, devoid of manipulation and poor management, therefore SYNCHRONIUM is here to offer that needed feasible solution to this hindrances.


The SYNCHROBIT exchange platform welcomes both amateur and professional traders with it's unique features which includes accurate trading trading charts, real data analytics and advanced but customizable UI. SYNCHROBIT, being a DEX and Centralized exchange (HYBRID) will function as a one stop market environment for cryptocurrency trading in pairs including fiat, solves the problem of delay and lagging interfaces in DEX and integrity of Centralized market.

As stated earlier, several exchanges lack the capacity to give out transparency and promote global community growth. SYNCHROBIT development is aimed at ensuring that users can conveniently use SYNCHROBIT exchange anywhere in the world because it is built to be compatible on desktop and smartphones, designed with performance analysis tool to help users with key statistics on displayed dashboard and a chat room (Public and Private) to help build community interaction via sharing of news and discussions.

The SYNCHROBIT exchange platform is designed with a consensus protocol, capable of processing 1,000,000 transactions/sec while in relation to improved security, the platform is integrated with high technology tools, unique wallet technology to completely secure users funds and qualified cybersecurity team to ensure the security system operates in full capacity.


The trademark token of SYNCHROBIT is called SNB token. It serves as a utility token, developed on Ethereum blockchain and compliant to ERC20 standard. The total supply of SNB token is 1,000, 000,000 where soft cap is USD 2,500,000 and estimated hardcap is USD 155, 000,000. Please take note that unsold token will be irreversibly burnt.

In conclusion, there is need for more implemented solutions and development to help take the cryptocurrency sphere to the next level which is why SYNCHROBIT establishment will serve the purpose of being a convenient and effective ecosystem capable of making cryptocurrency trading innovative and profitable for all cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors. 


Public sale- 60%

Private sale- 3%

Pre-ICO sales- 2%

Airdrops, promotions and bounty- 1%

Reserve- 15%

Bonus- 9%

Team and advisors- 10%


Platform improvements and operations- 25%

SNB token liquidity- 25%

Company reserve- 15%

Listings and market development- 5%

Marketing- 15%

Legal- 5%

Team and investors- 10%

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