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The beginning a discovery of blockhain occurred at time a created of bitcoin as the first digital currency that could allow it to process simultaneous transactions and multiple expenses without for a trusted authority or central server need . Precisely in 2008 bitcoin was created by a genius "Satoshi Nakamoto" [ who was still secret until the time of his identity ] and was able to become a cryptocurrency digital first currency that works in a decentralized and secure P2P. But the development of blockhain technology is not only limited to individuals. The companies and governments also use blokchain technology as a means of payment to speed up payments between countries and reduce transaction costs for sure. As a revolutionary protocol, blokchain technology can conduct transactions simultaneously, without a third party (through banking services). And this is a genius discovery and revolution in digital payment systems.

So, at this times I will introduce you,a project that uses blockhain technology as a tool used in an industrial revolution. COI [Carbon Offset Initiative], that's how I called the name of this project. If you want to know complete information about the COI project, I will explain it to you more details.

What this Is ??

The increasing population and technological advances, also increasing industrial waste generated. Among these are plastic waste disposal, industrial waste and so on. This is a serious problem that is being faced by many government and private agencies at this time. But the presence of pollution and industrial waste is our responsibility and a big threat to generations future,not just responsibility of the government, but our shared responsibility. Because without us solving this problem together, it is certain that our generations future will not be able to feel the remaining natural resources. Using blockchain-based solution technology, the Carbon Offset Initiative comes through innovative technology, which aims to track the existence of natural resources left to be recycled. This is an effective way to save and preserve the earth's natural resources for our generations future. The Carbon Offset Initiative is a solution for solving green waste for recycling. Where COI aims to help companies and organizations to save energy by increasing commercial value by solving environmental and social problems. This is an industrial revolution that functions to use fuel and treat waste and emissions optimally.

The Goal of holding an ICO / IEO is to :

The investors can to participate in green business activities created by COI through a referendum. And investors can also realize and know, how to important greening is generations future survival . Since we all know that the existence of these natural resources is very limited also.

How to participate in COI, ICO ??

The ICO has already on going, and anyone has the right to participate, except for prohibited countries, alike South Korea, China; Israel & the US and will continue this ban until the IEO session. Apart from these countries all have the right to obtain COI tokens, without a requirement difficult. And the steps how to get a COI token are as follows:

- Complete your KYC process which includes your personal identity, your selfies which will take place on the official COI website.

- After that you will be told to upload a picture of your identity that aims as a comparison between selfies and photos on your identity card, and proof if you are the owner of this identity.

- Please use the COI Platform as a means of your purchases and exchanges, if you have successfully passed both stages. Happy and join on this Platform,right ??

The Goal of a COI project are;

As a project based on recycled waste treatment, COI aims to provide health and well-being for the human population to be free from pollution from industrial waste. Because clean water is very important for human survival. If clean water has been polluted, what will happen in future generations. By improving the energy saving system and assisted by the decentralized blockhain technology, COI will provide a revolution in the field of saving industries. So that life will be harmonious for humans and all the ecosystems that exist on this earth


As a project that addresses the problem of waste recycling. And this is a problems that are being faced by most companies is about this recycling work, Is it as expected, is the related party paid for his work in cash and so on. COI is a waste treatment solution using technology that is cost effective, easy to implement, and uses hardware technology as a measurement and software as a telecommunications tool, which is based on blockchain technology. These are all created as the best solution for customer needs.




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