Blockchain technology development is on an exponential rate, where the emergence of several blockchain startups and cryptocurrency is revolutionizing every aspect of the business world and financial market. The trend of cryptocurrencies establishes various opportunities for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and blockchain projects, hence allows cryptocurrency exchanges to enter the financial market mainstream including revealing the problems affecting the continuous development of existing cryptocurrency exchanges.

A cryptocurrency exchange is a business platform that enables users to trade various cryptocurrencies in pairs, including fiat currencies, stocks etc. In the past years, most cryptocurrency exchanges have faced a large number of challenges which includes lack of diverse trading tools and techniques, insufficient liquidity, lack of feasible trading solutions, poor management of funds, poor security systems and much more, which tends to hinder the growth of the cryptocurrency market as well as it's positive impact in the financial economy, because several prospective investors, companies, business owners etc lose interest in the blockchain ecosystem due to these arising challenges.


Firstly, SYNCHROBIT is developed by a great team of experts who have been involved in cryptocurrency and forex, therefore understanding that several trading platforms are affected by problems undesirable to their users, propelled the SYNCHRONIUM team to create SYNCHROBIT exchange to be unique from it's competitors by being capable of giving out innovative solutions and tools to mitigate risks and increase rate of ROIs.

Users utilizing SYNCHROBIT exchange are able to carry out Peer to Peer trading in an anonymous approach, where they will also benefit from the features of SYNCHROBIT being a Centralized and Decentralized exchange. Cryptocurrency is taking the world by storm, SYNCHROBIT is built to promote the trend of digital assets trading on an international level, therefore it is accessible on a global scale and unlike other poorly developed exchanges, amateur and expert traders can navigate the SYNCHROBIT exchange platform without issues, while performing their business transactions and trading in a simplified manner.

Security is an interesting aspect of SYNCHROBIT exchange because to avoid the inconvenience of loss of client's funds to cyber criminals, therefore the SYNCHRONIUM integrated SYNCHROBIT exchange with high tech security systems and outstanding wallet technology which completely shields users tradable assets against hacks and theft. The trading platform is also committed to providing high performance analysis tool and diverse options for trading, which guarantees flexibility in trading operations. SYNCHROBIT comes with it's own trademark token called SNB token, where SNB token serving as a utility token will enable SYNCHROBIT exchange to initiate reduction in trading fees for all users.


Public sale- 60%

Private sale- 3%

Pre-ICO sales- 2%

Airdrops, promotions and bounty- 1%

Reserve- 15%

Bonus- 9%

Team and advisors- 10%


Platform improvements and operations- 25%

SNB token liquidity- 25%

Company reserve- 15%

Listings and market development- 5%

Marketing- 15%

Legal- 5%

Team and investors- 10%


SYNCHROBIT exchange serve as a useful and unique cryptocurrency exchange that is giving out outstanding solutions to issues affecting the development of several digital assets trading platforms, which will help in promoting the sustainable growth of the cryptocurrency space, enabling companies, business owners, individuals etc to have access to limitless use of digital currencies for their business activities. 

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