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Today we live on a planet that makes the technological revolution grow. In addition, there is also a digital role in that revolution. It makes technology an important role in our life. Freelanex is a kind of blockchain-based platform. As we know, many external platforms are based on blockchain. However, each platform has a different function. It's the same as Freelanex. Freelanex has the mission to create a platform for freelancers and offer them the environment of job opportunities. Freelanex is a trusted platform. all users or freelancers can access Freelanex at any time.

The Freelanex system examines all actions such as the review and assessment of competences by the user in the platform. Freelanex wants to fight all the problems of the country in unemployment. It will give support and motivation to people. Freelanex offers free work to all users. The freelancer will get a job in a flexible way. Subsequently, they will receive a salary or a payment and will benefit every day. Freelanex provides a payment system and many incentives from the use of tokens and wallets in the Freelanex platform. All freelancers worldwide will have easy access to payments, currency exchange and protection for their rights.


Freelanex offers good opportunities to reach a decentralized business using smart contract and blockchain. It is also user friendly. Everything in the Freelanex is transparent. It will help the transaction between freelancer and client. So both are Freelanex users. The customer can be a company that needs a new employee. So they use Freelanex. On the other hand, the freelancer is a people that is looking for a job opportunity.


The choice of blockchain in Freelanex plays an important role. In Freelanex, the blockchain has a function to create an effective solution to face the problem of the freelancer. It will provide the confidence and transparency of two parties (consumer and self-employed). The Freelanex system uses innovative technology for the solution of use. In addition to blockchain use, Freelanex also uses a smart contract. The intelligent contract in Freelanex allows you to create a new concept for data implementation.


At this stage of the document, there will be a brief explanation of the FLXC token. It has some advantages like the reward and loyalty program, a quick liquid payment transaction in the wallet. Protection is KYC's standard, there is an appreciation of token sales after losing the initial exchange offer and the use of the smart contract. The liquidity of the FLXC token is offering in the major liquid cryptocurrencies in exchange and OTC platform in ASIA, Europe and MEA. The FLXC token is a type of cryptocurrency based on the blockchain. Allows P2P payment and compensation using a smart contract on the blockchain. There are five hundred million FLXC tokens on the platform. the user is free to transfer to an active system account.

Freelanex is a good ICO program. Think business is pretty fantastic. It attracts people regularly. Experienced and skilled cooperation is difficult to achieve. We can build the ability to achieve goals.

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