Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency that is taking the world by storm. Being a virtual currency developed on the concept of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies can carry out various payments and transactions operations including utilized as a productive means of savings and trading. Although, some people and experts view cryptocurrency as a gateway for scams, fraudulent activities etc cryptocurrency has established it's value to be a unique asset for profitable investment due to the upsurges in Bitcoin value, hence promoting adoption of blockchain technology to the world. When trying out convectional means of business dealings involving intermediaries, representatives, agents etc one would notice that these interventions can make such business operations more complicated and expensive. The introduction of cryptocurrencies brought the concept of peer to peer business dealings, where the structure of intermediaries is demolished, paving the way for a less complicated and inexpensive transaction between parties involved. Transactions involving cryptocurrency is not limited to international or cross border payments barriers because cryptocurrency is not controlled by an corporation, country and government but rather it is independent and allows users to gain full access to authorization over their assets wherein, they can transfer and execute cross border payments seamlessly. High demand and supply of cryptocurrencies has caused increased demand for official and legitimate cryptocurrency exchanges, where traders and buyers can trade on their desired cryptocurrency assets in pairs. Even some blockchain start ups have started using cryptocurrency exchanges for public sale popularly known as Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). There is a new cryptocurrency exchange that is recommended to anyone interested in trading cryptocurrency and it is called LIQUIDITEX


Liquiditex cryptocurrency exchange platform is designed with user friendly interfaces to enable traders buy and sell cryptocurrencies within the platform. The features of the Liquiditex platform includes a main core capable of processing high speed exchanges up to 100,000 per second. This dynamic feature is capable of attracting potential clients and traders because it will be able to handle large amount of trading pairs. Security is the main feature of any successful cryptocurrency exchange. The Liquiditex team have ensured that the platform is properly developed with exceptional security mechanisms and protocols which involves storing 95% of client's assets in cold wallet, security codes for withdrawal, 2FA Authentication etc which helps to prevent attacks from cyber criminals. Available 24/7 qualified customer support personnels is always ready to help any user in need of assistance or information. LEX token is the trademark token of the Liquiditex trading platform. It is developed on Ethereum blockchain and complaint to ERC20 standard. The LEX token price is at 1 USD while currently, Liquiditex will be launching a customer positioning system named Shell. Shell system will pose as an opportunity to collect shell, which indicates points signifying that a user have higher position in exchange rating. Receiving more shell indicates a user will be entitled to more privileges within the platform including obtaining more shell proportional to the shell available. Periodically , the Liquiditex trading platform will redeem the Shell for every user.

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