What is Cowrium?

Cowrium is a multidimensional blockchain project that comprises of a number of advanced blockchain solutions/apps with the aim to make blockchain adaptability easier, affordable and profitable for small businesses & enterprises.

The top applications on the Cowrium platform are:

  • A multidimensional smart contract
  • Cowrie - A mass-oriented crypto
  • CowDEX - An highly secured decentralized Exchange
  • ErrandBoy - A DAP that allows you send crypto & receives in Fiat
  • Cowrie Stability AI - An artificial intelligence that can predict the market and help suggest a foreseeable solution

A user of the Cowrium platform, as well as the holders/investors of the project, will get access to all these apps, along with the ability to use the platform/apps for their business growth.

Why you should invest (buy Cowrie coin)

The Cowrium project will benefit individuals and businesses alike, no matter the industry or niche. It will enable an easy and secure way of making cross-border digital payments, converting crypto to fiat and trading on the crypto market with high liquidity. 

Early participants of the sale can benefit more by availing exclusive discounts and bonus offers.

As the price of the Cowrie coin increases with demand over time, the long term investors can benefit from huge returns on their investment.

How to invest in the Cowrium ICO

Want to join the Cowrium ICO?

It’s easy. Just visit the website http://cowrium.net/ and click the ‘Register’ button at the top. Enter your details and sign up for the sale. Now, log in to your account and click the ‘buy’ button to start buying.

Buying some Cowrie coins now would be the best decision you will make this easier, as the price and demand of the coin will start rising once the apps start launching. Join the revolution, sign up today!

For any query or question, feel free to reach the team at the official Telegram channel


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