Everyone need Bamboo, why? Because we need access to quality essential healthcare services, affordable medical aid, and health insurance for mankind’s longevity and good health.

Here Bamboo is a perfect healthcare and insurance system, most innovative and eco-friendly ones.

Bamboo is restructuring the foundation of healthcare insurance, by implementing the innovative achievements from AI, machine learning and blockchain technologies. Bamboo determine and eliminate falsehoods and frauds, making interaction with medical institutions as safe and transparent as possible.

The revolutionary improvement by remove the financial burden from the equation and add a whole new layer of security and reliability to the food and healthcare industries to provide the world free and borderless insurance.

A New Era of Healthcare with Bamboo

Bamboo is a symbol of endurance and persistence, by bring healthcare with technology.

Healthy Living on the Go

Bamboo utilize an app to educating users on how to take care of users physical, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing. Users can tracking number of steps, sleep quality, consumed food tracking, etc.

Bamboo app provides users with valuable insights on your health so you will see the improvement and changes in conduct and way of life, which will further cause personal satisfaction and boost motivation.

The system is able to examine the connections between's nourishment, vital signs, and prescriptions and services rendered by healthcare providers. This make our life more healthier.

About Bamboo

In 2005 Archipelago Lexa (company of bamboo) started, the company is an international insurance intermediary house. In 2012 they established in an ASEAN countries and on 2018 Bamboo launched as a blockchain project. The team management has more than 100 years experienced in broking, insurance & reinsurance operations.


Archipelago Lexa aims to create a all encompassing healthcare ecosystem that will drive insurance accessibility to everyone.


Bamboo is aiming for the core of an issue. Bamboo empowers consumers to take a proactive stand and have more control over their health.


- In 2019, Bamboo make partnership with 25 reliable partners and 2 million consumers.

- Bamboo accomplish yearly was acquiring $5 million in cash flow with a real technological innovative of the ASEAN insurance system

- in 5 years, 30 % yearly organic revenue growth and 175 x organic grwoth in customer base. - Total sums insured underwritten over 5 years about USD 20 billion.

- in 2018 Archipelago sat on positive cash position of more than usd 5 million owing to its strong operating and investing activities

Reward System

The reward Bamboo token system is for all users. Bamboo additionally effectively extending the partnership network, consisting of medical/insurance/food production services providers who offer regular discounts, trading opportunities and other perks.

Bamboo tokens (BBO) can be utilized wide range, such as for discounts at fitness centers, pay for items in the online stores within ecosystem, or trade on the Bamboo exchange list.

Token holders of Bamboo will be receiving a passive income of 15% of annual profit (dividend) and a one-time bonus of 5% from the accumulated profit over the first five years.


$1 million Soft Cap has already been raised when at the beginning of Private Token on August 2019 by CGCX, the world’s first fully insured hybrid crypto platform.


Huawei and The Archipelago Group make A MOU during Huawei’s Asia Pacific Finance Day on 31st Oct 2019 @Centara Grand, BKK.

TAG offers specialist trade credit sales financing solutions to Huawei which is part of TAG growing new underwriting proposition of supporting Chinese Interests Abroad and/or China’s Road and Belt Initiative development strategy.

Huawei’s business results for the first half of 2019: CNY401.3 billion in revenue, a 23.2% increase over the same period last year.

Huawei continues develop 5G for data slicing ability, reduced latency, higher throughout, connections and mobility.


In September 2019, the Bamboo group was in the 74th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) SDG Media Zone in New York, to share its vision of a problem that needs to be addressed: Accessible and affordable health insurance for all.

The essential objective of Bamboo at the summit was to present an innovative answer for technological solution in traditional healthcare insurance.

Bamboo strategic aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals of achieving universal health coverage and providing equal health insurance access for everyone. More info, readers can contact: Kati Aronson Investment Relations Advisor [email protected]




Bamboo Announced Private Token Sale Starting in August, and CGCX.io Invested The First $1 Million https://www.reuters.com/brandfeatures/venture-capital/article?id=146254



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