After a successful first phase, the second phase ICO sale of Cowrium has started with providing big opportunities for the investors, first one is that the coin’s price is starting from $0.035 and the second and most marveling one is a huge bonus of up to 50%.

Yes, you heard it right and now we got your attention. So the opportunity is All the aspirants and investors who purchase Cowrie coins (CWR) during the ongoing sale have a chance to seize up to 50% bonus coins which totally depends on the investment of purchase amount.

The current price of the CWR is the lowest and it will start to rise with each sale round. As per the previous record, the market price is estimated to be much higher than the current price. And let me tell you the most mind-boggling thing, It is not limited to a one-time purchase, you can avail free bonus coins on each purchase. Let’s do a bit of calculation:

Just Assume that you are willing to buy the Cowrie coins (CWR). So, you have two options, either make a purchase during the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) sale or you can wait until the coin is launched in the market. But let me tell you the benefits of choosing the first option.

So, for example, If you made a purchase of coins during the ongoing sale for a total amount of $10,000, then you’ll get 266,667 CWR coins at the price of 0.0375USD per CWR, and additionally you’ll be also eligible for 30% Bonus, i.e. 80,000, CWR coins. So, due to the ICO sale, you will end up having a total of 346667 CWR coins and you just spent 0.028USD per coin Now, let’s take the second option, So you waited for the coin to launch in the market, and the normal estimated market price of the Cowrie coins is USD0.075 per coin.

You invested the same amount of $10,000, then by considering the price per coin you’ll get 133,333without any bonus and rewards. That is less than almost 40% of what you can get no by investing during the ongoing ICO sale.

But wait a minute, Your wise decision of purchasing coins during ICO sale can make you more profit even before coin’s launch in the market, How? Here are the logic and calculation, the final market price of the CWR coin will be the same, it doesn’t matter where and when you buy the coin.

So, if you will choose wisely and purchased coins during the ICO sale, you will get 346667 CWR at an investment of $10,000, and the same will be worth around $26,000 at (USD0.075 per CWR) just after the launch in the market.

One more thing that seeks your attention is that the Cowrie coin price will keep increasing with each and every sale while the bonus amount will go down. So, the quicker you buy the higher you gain.

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