Gold has been around for long time and it is no longer news that is heavily traded across the globe as an asset that can always be trusted be all investors. The price of gold has largely been stable in response to occasions and Gold has been said to usually preserve its price over the long term. On a broader perspective, I can say cryptocurrencies has also contributed to make the financial market more interesting. It is not surprising that Digital Gold, a blockchain platform has come up with a great initiative to encourage the adoption and the digitalization of the gold , and the investment opportunities that comes with it. Digital Gold Platform hopes to achieve the adoption and digitalization by oallowing customers to buy quantity of physical gold, through the ERC-20 Ethereum-based GOLD token. ​ ​


Digital gold has a native ERC-20 token called Gold token. The virtual gold stable coin; with the symbol; GOLD ensures that the price of the gold metal is the same as the price of the gold token. The price of a Gold token is stable at any point in time. In contrast to other stable coins including USDT, TUSD, USDPAX, TETHER whose values are pegged to the popular currencies such as the USD, Gold is pegged to the price of real gold, which has even greater measure and values than any popular fiat currency in the world. Gold token provides an additional usability, comfort and privateness than any other stable coin on the market. In that sense, when one keeps the GOLD Token in his/her pocket, it also go a long way to preserve real gold metal in a storage vault, (when it comes to buying real gold, customers are always required to drop their personal information and other details as part of the standard procedure ); however, when it comes to the digital gold platform, one can easily purchase gold tokens while staying anonymous. ​ Again the Digital gold platform provides full transparency in their dealings. ​

You can easily go through the gold bullion garage with the link: https://www.Bullionstar.Com/myaccount/audit and by that, you can check for actual the quantity of gold tokens and the amount of gold bullion in garage. ​ You can go through the exchanges where Gold token is listed or better still the marketplace on the website and trade your funds for GOLD STABLE COIN. Customers can reliably keep the gold tokens on any ERC-20 Compatible wallets such as; IMTOKEN, TRUST WALLET or go for a cold storage. Explanation on that and more can be found on the official website; ​

​ At the moment, the gold token trades on the following exchanges at impressive rates, ​ Cryptex: https://cryptex.Internet/trade/GOLDUSD Catex: https://www.Catex.Io/buying and selling/GOLD/BTC Consbit: https://coinsbit.Io/trade/GOLD\_USD Livecoin: https://livecoin.Net/en/trading/GOLD_BTC

  ​ Likewise, one can also visit to make trades.

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