The LocalBitcoins Clone Script is a Crypto Exchange Script to launch Exchange like LocalBitcoins, Build with advanced technologies and security features to overcome the issue of LocalBitcoins Exchange.

In our localbitcoins clone script, we offer limitless opportunities for bitcoin exchange platform admin.

How our localbitcoins clone works when you set up in the server?

When you are willing to sell the bitcoins to the buyer follow the below steps

Step 1: You want to fill the registration form with official mail id, phone number on this platform.

Step 2: After the registration, a wallet will be generated on this platform. You should have to maintain sufficient bitcoin balance.

Step 3: You could make ads to sell your bitcoin in this platform.

Step 4: The ads consist of location, payment method, type of currency, margin level.

Step 5: Once the ads are completed the notification is sent to all the buyer who has chosen buy bitcoin anywhere.

Step 6: Interest buyers can view the seller ads and chat with the seller.

Step 7: The seller can accept or reject the buyer request when the seller is not interested in that buyer.

Step 8: Once the seller receives the payment from the buyer.he/she can click the receive button automatically bitcoin will send to the buyer wallet.

To know more information click here----> localbitcoins clone script