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Along with people's knowledge about the world of Blockchain, and increasingly people are using this currency as a transaction tool used in everyday life and not just as an online currency. Here, namely on the Kickstarter Platform, the user community can make investments as they wish. And users who invest can get prizes, according to the size of the investment they are investing. The greater the amount of investment invested, the greater the prize that will be received later. How do we all know at this time, if the development of the Crowdfunding Platform is increasing and increasing, so it demands us as users to be able to know and seek benefits from the development of this Platform. Through EQ Tokens, you can make investments as you wish. Because every investment you invest, you will get equity, and you can sell the equity at any time. You can imagine if you made an investment of just $ 10 ten years ago, then the large amount of investment that you now would be worth more than $ 250,000. Of course this is a very exciting advantage for investors.

•Problems Encountered,

Investment is one thing that is in great demand by most modern societies. Because investment is a profit that you will receive in the future. But you should be observant and more aware of what is called this investment. Because investment is a very important thing and at the same time a scary thing if we are wrong in choosing it, because this is a matter full of risk. Therefore the investment that I will explain to you here is investment in crowdfunding, where this investment is a development for organizations and companies. This is investment now, but it still needs better development, with the presence of several decentralized projects. Among them is the EQ project, which is a network decentralization project. And the EQ project offers new opportunities not only for investors who can help actively in investment applications offered on the website.

• The Importance of Blockhain Technology in Daily Life ..?

√ Low Cost,

Through crypto currencies, users can be free to make the desired transactions, on a p2p basis, without going through a third party. So that the cost is very efficient. Another case with the crowdfunding method used at this time, where the costs to be incurred by users are very high. Because crowdfunding companies don't do financial transactions themselves. So this crowdfunding company, must pay the parties for each transaction made by its users.

√ Ead Fairness for Users,

Each user will not get equity, for investments made by its users. Because crowdfunding companies are very difficult to know who is investing. Another case with the use of blockhain technology, where users can be easily tracked by the exchange platform, namely through the Ethereum smart contract. So the company easily provides dividends to its users through the sale of tokens that can be given through Individual Ethereum wallet for users.

√ Asset Ownership,

Users are entitled to 100% ownership of funds / tokens that are in the user's personal wallet. And users are free to make transactions as desired by their users, whether the user will provide funds to other users, or the user will save it. This is a safe way in the current trade revolution. Because everything is protected by a private key that is only known by the owner himself. What do you think ??

• Benefits of EQ Tokens for users,

EQ Token is a crowdfunding platform that offers equity better and more efficient, through the technology used, the blockchain technology.

EQ Tokens can be sold privately to other investors or sold on our own token exchanges at any time.

Through the use of EQ Tokens, every transaction made will be easily known, so that investors can easily make the desired investment. And investors will benefit from a predetermined profit sharing

• Benefits for Company Listing,

Only with a small cost, which is $ 350, the company can register on the crowdfunding platform. And this crowdfunding platform will help to promote this listing company, so as to gain the trust of investors.

Profits will be taken by crowdfunding platforms based on fair and equitable profit sharing every 3 months, and will be given by crowdfunding platforms to investors based on the amount of investment they invest.

The crowdfunding platform, will return the investment made by the listing company, if the projects carried out do not reach the desired target / fail, so that all of this financially the same no one loses. Because user satisfaction is the goal of this platform.

• Token Sales Event,

√ Please participate in sales for $ 0.05 per token. And the sale of the EQ Token will be used as a funding cost. There are 70 million tokens that will be sold until reaching the specified target, which is at least 35m tokens that will be sold later. The sale of tokens will last for one month, and if this minimum target is not reached, all funds will be returned to investors.

√ A total of 1m EQ Tokens will be used as promotional costs and increase public awareness of the importance of EQ Tokens. and this will be paid to participants who take part in the program held by the EQ Token project, namely through social media competitions. And 4m EQ tokens will be used as prizes for participants who participate in the prize program, and will be paid to those who are eligible, 1-2 months after the IEO program is successful. And the remainder of the 25m Token will be saved as a cost to pay for external contractors by the development team.

• RoadMap,

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