Stablecoins, made popular by Tether’s USDT currency, have been a growing subfield within cryptocurrency as a natural outlet for investors and developers frustrated with the extreme price volatility of BTC and the likes of altcoins.

While Tether, which has minted $1.83 billion worth of USDT, appeared to have the market cornered only just a year ago, the company has given way to competition over scandals related to its bank holding and dealings with exchange Bitfinex. Instead of being the go to currency for those looking to transact in a more stable digital asset, a new crop of stablecoins with a variety of valuation-pegging have drawn the interest of investors and project developers.

DIGITAL GOLD employs blockchain technology in the tokenization of gold to create Ethereum-based tokens which are compliant with the ERC20 protocol. These tokens known as the Digital Gold Token(GOLD) serve to supply liquidity for bodily gold of excessive purity(99% FINE gold) which are safely stored in the company’s vault.

In case you’re questioning whether or not the vault may want to be empty, the vault is audited with the aid of BullionStar with which the project has entered into a partnership. This is to ensure transparency and to verify that tokenized gold is safely stored. Whenever any gram of gold is tokenized, a corresponding amount of gold is bodily committed to the company’s vault and the quantity of gold saved can be confirmed at any given time.


The DIGITAL GOLD project will help buyers make the proper preference even earlier than the Gold Token except requiring customers to comply with elaborate procedures, Digital Gold displays evaluations that will assist locate the most foremost choice from the world market market. Buyers can verify the authenticity of Gold Tokens by using actually transferring from Ethereum-based ERC20 Tokens. Furthermore, Gold Token customers will be capable to at once gain from the long-term gold fashion of rising cryptocurrency market two.


Gold is an asset that has tested its value over hundreds of years. Its unheard of long time period buying strength balance has made it the protected heaven asset of choice. DIGITAL GOLD as a token fully backed via physical gold, is your hedge against volatile rate swings and poor cypto market conditions. The token can be immediately bought, offered and transferred making it a notable addition to your portfolio.


Unlike utility tokens that are only intended to represent future access to an issuing company’s product or service, securities tokens represent the underlying interest in an equity/debt position, profit sharing, dividends, voting rights, and other benefits that their holders can have.

Securities tokens represent a legal right to ownership of the intrinsic value of the issuing company. They provide significantly greater value to the holder, while potentially reducing the risk. Notably, there are numerous ways to calculate the intrinsic value of a security. The dividend discount model, residual income method, discounted cash flow, and others, are all widely accepted methods. Put simply, a token has intrinsic value, meaning it is already worth something today, based on the value it gives the holder, vis-à-vis the issuer, regardless of potential future value which may be ascribed to that token.


STOs allow a company’s investors to get information about the issuer on a fully diluted basis – with complete visibility on all the tokens that have been given, promised, or otherwise encumbered.

The goals of an adequately governed securities market have three-fold criteria:

Healthy capital formation;

Insulating investors from their erroneous behavior while protecting them from external fraudulent activity and;

Enlisting proper compliance controls for maintained fairness and order in speculative markets.

STOs by design provide fully diluted but immutable transparency framework, enabling the accomplishment of the goals mentioned above. This should provide a powerful point of consideration for anyone to consider when attempting to gain a foothold on the current landscape of the situation at hand, as it is directly in line with regulators’ agendas. 

Digital Gold have a Recovery Feature

Almost every cryptocurrency enthusiast is aware of the perils of losing access to wallets holding virtual assets. The absence of funds recovery features is one of the fundamental impediments of virtual assets in the investment arena.

Properly constructed STOs provide the ability to reissue tokens to shareholders. However, jurisprudence for execution of benefits like these is, of course, subject to appropriate checks and balances and confirmations.

This provision is yet another example of how the STO model enables regulatory compliance. STO platforms like Token IQ can enlist the trust of investors by the very core of the encoded language that operates them, making it a foolproof system for transfer of ownership.


Digital Gold is a Stablecoin that will reap many rewards if investing is considered. It is backed by real gold, therefore the value tends to increase overtime as stated above. 

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