These are exciting times for CoinJanitor! As it approaches its 2-year anniversary, the project has managed to establish itself as the go to mechanism for deadcoin recycling in the space. CoinJanitor been hitting more milestones recently. The project was listed on Coinmarketcap – CMC and there are more important milestones you should know about.

CoinJanitor Giveaway is Coming!

First, it is important to celebrate all these great achievements. To that end, CoinJanitor is launching a giveaway. Participate in this 2-year anniversary celebration and you can win one of the following prizes:

  • 1 million Sats – 1 mBTC
  • 2,000 JAN tokens
  • 1,000 JAN tokens

To participate, just head right over to the CoinJanitor Giveaway page and sign up!

More CoinJanitor Milestones
Apart from the celebratory CoinJanitor Giveaway, the team is happy to announce that JAN has been fully verified on Etherscan. This together with the CMC listing will help CoinJanitor gain more notoriety and raise awareness about its mission to unlock value left in deadcoins.

A Special Thanks to the CoinJanitor Community

These are important developments that will benefit everyone involved, but they wouldn’t be possible without the help and active involvement of the CoinJanitor community. It is essential to recognize the effort that individual community members have put into:

  • Spreading the word about the project
  • Helping the team get CMC listing and Etherscan verification
  • Finding suitable buyout candidates for the project to prove its use case

Additionally, CoinJanitor community members are actively developing services that will contribute to the robustness of the ecosystem and will add use cases for JAN tokens. These are all grassroots initiatives that show just how special the CoinJanitor community is and how dedicated its members are to the success of the project.

Stay Up to Date with the Latest News

So, if you are interested in CoinJanitor, its community and how it is cleaning the crypto space, join the official Telegram channel, Discord channel, and follow the project on Twitter and Facebook.

More exciting news and developments will keep on coming as CoinJanitor enters its third year running and making an impact in the market!