As social media platforms go, Instagram is by far one of the most important and relevant. Instagram users can take advantage of the features it provided. One of it is the Instagram stories. Users of this system don’t like this problem of unavailability of published Instagram stories immediately after 24 hours had passed. You will not find a choice of saving your unforgettable clips published. It’s unavailable in this program. But do not fret- there is a means to avoid this.Instagram stories can be downloaded utilizing the below techniques.

Download Instagram Stories you Created for the Day

The videos posted in a day can be downloaded as one Instagram stories video. Meaning, to utilize them in the future, you should play the entire video mainly because all stories are saved as one file. There is a need to view all videos to see what you want. But it is a far better choice than simply losing them. After all once it properly saves you can play the video at any time. The guide on how to do it is discussed below.

To be able to save your stories for the day, first, you need to tap on the story icon that is found at the top left part of your feed, the one which contains your display image together with the other story profiles of the users you follow. Right after tapping it. you will find 3 dots on the top of your display screen. Many choices will be shown if that is clicked. Tap MORE option then pick the SAVE option so that you can finally download your story. It will require you to wait for a while but the video will be saved in your camera roll or phone gallery and you can watch it whenever you desire.

Download Instagram Stories Clip by Clip

If that tip doesn’t work for you, you might want to try this instead. This technique will allow you to save individual clips. Meaning, you save or download Instagram stories as individual files. Similar to the first technique above, they both have a similar procedure, excluding the later portion where you should pick the “Save Video” option instead of “Select Story”. This is suggested in case you have one particular image or video that you want to preserve, but you are not necessarily concerned about the whole Story. Right after tapping the “Save Video” option, the video must be found on your Pictures or Camera Roll. Look for it.

Downloading Stories Making use of Other Instagram Users Account

A third party website will be needed if you wanted to download Instagram stories using somebody else account on Instagram. There are actually explanations why do it this way however that’s not our aim to discuss. Regardless of what site you select, it doesn’t matter given that they may look differently, still, they work exactly the same way.

Using Third Party Site: Download It Today

Whether username or a URL of the profile is required, get them ready. Various websites have distinct requirements, so you’d far better check out which they need before you get started. Then you simply scroll through the clips to locate the Story you are looking to download. You will then see a “Save” option- click on it and you’re home and dry. Select the folder destination of the video file you wish to view later.

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