Bitcoin has yet to become a global currency, but it’s definitely making great strides in widening its reach across the map. It’s the very thing that pushed cryptocurrency further into the mainstream after all, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the world is positively engaging with the idea of virtual currencies. In this Bitcoin guide, let’s see which parts of the globe are the most active in terms of Bitcoin activity.


The crypto world is aware that the Swiss are one of the main propellers of Bitcoin success. Aside from its liberal policies surrounding cryptocurrency that encourage individuals and businesses to use Bitcoin, the country boasts of its active financial market teeming with crypto-based products. You can find most of that in Zurich, the country’s financial center, which holds numerous Bitcoin ATMs and merchants that serve a population of 400,000.


One of Asia’s premier business hubs is also open to the use of Bitcoin on a personal and institutional level. It clinched the top spot of the most Bitcoin-friendly countries in Asia for its permissive policies on BTC, such as having zero capital gains taxes on crypto income. While the Singaporean government still doesn’t recognize Bitcoin as legal tender, it is very much open to Bitcoin circulation within the country.

United States

The US has yet to adapt a universal regulatory framework for Bitcoin, which is why each state has its own levels of accepting Bitcoin’s presence in the country. While BTC is generally accepted in the US, there are some states that stand out in terms of regulation, usage, and accessibility. Those states include San Francisco, California, and Florida. As the tech capital of the country, San Francisco easily opened up to the use of Bitcoin; it is where the biggest crypto exchanges and trading platforms are located, such as Coinbase and Kraken.


Progressive economic and political climate and outstanding social welfare systems make Slovenia one of the best Bitcoin-friendly countries in the world. It’s a recipe for Bitcoin success, one that whipped up over a hundred Bitcoin merchants accepting BTC payments across various industries. In Ljubljana alone, Slovenia’s capital city populated by roughly 300,000, has the most Bitcoin ATMs in the country as well as the home of Bitstamp, a major Bitcoin exchange.


And finally, we end the Bitcoin guide with a country that’s gradually embracing cryptocurrency, which is Austria. Back in 2017, one of the most notable Bitcoin occurences in the country happened during the opening of a “Bitcoin bank” as well as a BTC information center called the House of Nakamoto. In the past couple of months, Bitcoin experts also noticed Austria to be the source of a massive volume of ‘Bitcoin halving’ searches.