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WISE Token, or WISE, is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s a decentralized, transparent, trustless, interest-bearing, bond-like token that features automatic liquidity. WISE token and the WISE ecosystem primarily work on the concept of Staking, which involves allowing the holders to earn interest by locking up their funds (tokens) for a period of time.

WISE works more or less like bonds and CDs (Certificates of deposit), but it’s better in terms of security, liquidity and profitability.

WISE Vs. Traditional Deposits

WISE is superior to traditional deposits like bonds and CDs in more than one way.

It gives you better returns than the two, along with the freedom to withdraw anytime you want. A holder/staker has complete flexibility in choosing the time period for which they wish to stay invested. Holders can withdraw their interest at any time, weekly, daily, or at once, during the staking period.

Being a decentralized and trustless system, it offers better security and lower risk compared to traditional deposits. Moreover, the returns are higher than the rest. Also, it offers higher flexibility and more liquidity compared to other investment options.

The WISE Ecosystem

The WISE Ecosystem and the token are governed by the WISE Foundation, which is a nonprofit association formed in February 2020.
All the current and future projects, including the development of the WISE contract, will be funded by the WISE Foundation. 

The WISE Ecosystem through the WISE Token will enable everyone to invest their money/funds in safe and low-risk contracts with complete custody and control over it at all times. In exchange, the user (investors) will continue to earn an interest on his/her deposits for the period he chooses to stay invested. He will be able to withdraw the funds and/or interest at any time, even in the middle of economic activities.

The Ecosystem functionalities will involve -

  • Minting of new WISE
  • Earning referral bonuses
  • Opening/closing Stakes
  • Receiving Interest
  • Selling/exchanging WISE for other tokens

During all the economic activities, the users will always be in complete control of their WISE tokens, which ensures lower risk probability and high returns.

Uniswap Exchange

To allow users to safely, easily, and quickly trade their WISE tokens for other cryptocurrencies, and vice versa, the ecosystem will work with Uniswap, a popular and highly regarded decentralized exchange (DEX) smart contract on Ethereum.


The WISE contract allows users to deposit their tokens in the contract through time deposits called stakes, and earn flexible interest, which can be redeemed at any time during the stake life. The stakes in WISE are always in the control of the user and never held or owned by any third party.

WISE Web Interface
The WISE website (https://wisetoken.net/) will be the official web interface for the WISE contract holders, investors, and users.

Referral Links

The WISE Ecosystem also includes a dedicated referral system that allows users to earn bonus WISE tokens by referring new users to the platform.


The platform can be used by people as a front-end interface to the WISE contract as well as to stay apprised of the WISE activity.

Wallet WISE

will be associated with a number of cloud and mobile wallet applications, the details of which will be soon unveiled.

For more details, visit https://wisetoken.net/

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