WISE Token is a revolutionary Decentralized Finance platform that gives users a secure and flexible way to earn returns on their money.

It involves staking tokens in the WISE contract in order to create and earn interest over the staking period. 

WISE Staking is completely flexible and highly profitable, as you can withdraw your interest or liquidate your funds at any time.

The returns/interest is also higher than traditional assets like bonds and CDs.

How it works

In order to start earning with WISE, you’ll first need to reserve WISE during the 50-day launch period.

About a million WISE tokens are available on each day of launch. So, you can buy any number of WISE you want by sending ETH to the contract.

The next step is to lock up your WISE in the contract in order to earn interest from it. In exchange for your stakes, you’ll earn interest over the period.

You can open as many stakes as you want.

At the time of opening a stake, you’ll be asked to choose the amount you wish to lock up and a stake length or the number of days for staking. The longer and more you stake, the more you can earn.

The interest earned through the WISE contract can be redeemed at any time as per your convenience and need. You can also sell your stake on the exchange.

Upon the maturity of a stake, you can withdraw the principal plus interest at any time, without penalty, and at a zero fee. If you need to sell your WISE stake or cash out your investment immediately, you can do so on the Uniswap DEX (decentralized exchange).

There is a reserved pool of liquidity on Uniswap created specifically for WISE stakers. Any time you wish to cash out, simply go to the Uniswap exchange and sell your stake instantly. No KYC is needed to trade on Uniswap, and you can swap from your private wallet.

WISE staking is completely safe, as you’ll be investing from the safety of your own private wallet. Also, you get the flexibility to access or withdraw your interest at any time for a zero fee. Thanks to the massive liquidity pool of WISE, you never run short of funds to withdraw.

However, if you choose to end a stake early you may have to pay a penalty on the principal amount. All fees & penalties earned this way are redistributed to other stakers.

WISE Investor Benefits

If you are still wondering why you should stake in WISE or how it is better than other options, here you go.

The best WISE investor benefits include:

High Interest

With WISE, you get a higher interest rate compared to traditional investment options like bonds and CDs (certificate of deposit).

No Penalty

You have to pay no penalty on a mature stake, no matter how late you withdraw your funds. Also, there is no penalty on closing a Pending stake before it becomes Active.

Withdrawal flexibility

During the staking period, you can withdraw the interest amount at any time you like or find the need. Unlike other investments, WISE does not charge a fee or levy a penalty on early withdrawal of interest.

High Liquidity

Thanks to the massive WISE liquidity pool on the Uniswap DEX, you can instantly and at any time cash out your stake and get the money in your account.

To know about WISE token and contract, please visit https://wisetoken.net/