The financial trading market is growing. Initially, there was Forex that was quite popular, it could bring abundant profits in a short time, now people are also getting to know binary and cryptocurrency. The three financial tradings can bring profit to its users. However, there are techniques and strategies that must be learned so that the opportunity for profit is greater, and the most important thing is to understand that all of these methods have their advantages and disadvantages.

You need to know that binary options do not actually trade currencies such as forex and cryptocurrency exchanges that are clearly trading the cryptocurrency or digital assets. Binary trades only predict the direction of the pair’s price movement within a certain period. In cryptocurrency exchanges, the estimated profit and loss will adjust to price fluctuations. On Forex, it is the same, profit and loss cannot be estimated because it is in accordance with price fluctuations. As long as the order is still open, the trading gain can continue to increase and decrease according to price movements. Whereas in binary, the profit and loss can be predicted with certainty, because the capital placement system is the amount of investment for each option.

How do I trade crypto?

Cryptocurrency is financial trading that is very popular today. Even though the price of cryptocurrency is very volatile, many investors and traders are challenged to do their best analysis to get a price peak. News and rumours related to blockchain or crypto will drive market prices. There are two popular ways to start crypto trading:

The first way, by buying directly on an available exchange. We have to closely observe the market developments, news and rumours are very influencing. We are free to determine the right time to buy and sell, do the best possible analysis, so we get the right timing.

The second way, by trading CFD (Contract For Difference). This is a fairly popular way nowadays. In short, CFD is an agreement between a buyer and a seller to pay the difference between the selling price and the buying price. If at the time the contract value increases, the seller must pay the difference to the buyer, and vice versa.

CFD trading provides several advantages:

✔️ global market access from one platform

✔️ no shorting rules or borrowing stock

✔️ higher leverage and professional execution with no fees

✔️ no day trading requirements

On the other hand, trading CFDs has a lot of risks, including,

❌ weak industry regulation

❌ traders pay the spread

❌ liquidity risks

Unfortunately, there are many incorrect assumptions about CFDs, many beginners consider this a “get rich quick” business, so many investors fall in love with using excessive leverage without calculation, it can be a loss.

We must increase our knowledge and determine the right strategy to survive in this CFD trading method. With DEFI, it’s easy to do. Big profits, must be accompanied by big risks. Many experienced traders and investors love this, which is why DEFI offers an easy and fun CFD trading experience, so it can be used comfortably by both new and experienced traders or investors.

What is DEFI.Trade?

Defi.Trade is a decentralized exchange that allows traders to access a large number of markets (more than 17,000), such as stocks, indices, commodities, forex, cryptocurrencies, options, etc., on one platform. DEFI offers trading in many markets outside of trading hours with CFDs, from all time zones, with full 24/7 service.

DEFI makes a difference compared to similar platforms by leveraging decentralized technology. This innovation eliminates many of the weaknesses of centralized and traditional exchanges so as to provide the best service solution for users. Their goal is to revolutionize the way micro, small and medium enterprises operate and provide them with the support they need for new projects and products. The main mission of DEFI is to bring the best aspects of decentralization into trade and empower financial institutions, especially the MSME sector. Decentralized technology allows for the highest transparency and reduces the risk of hacking.

Four easy ways to start trading at DEFI

Download a wallet that supports DApp browsers such as Imtoken and Tronlink. This will connect the wallet directly to the platform to make trades. Your assets are safe in your own wallet.

Register the Main Account using the referral link in the browser. You will need to copy the referral link to continue with your Main Account registration.

Deposit TRC20 or DEF tokens into the Main Account. You need to deposit TRC20 or DEF Tokens to the Main Account to get USE. USE is the trading currency in the DEFI ecosystem.

Analyze and predict market trends and make money. You need to transfer USE from Main Account to Live Account to trade. Understand market trends well to get maximum profit.

Why you should choose DEFI.Trade? provides a great offer for a pleasant experience when trading. A centralized trading system that is weak in security and privacy can be overcome by DEFI’s decentralized system. It is expected that users get stability, security, privacy and transfer speed when trading.

In addition, there are several strong reasons that you should know why you should choose DEFI, including:

1. Free demo account with an unlimited balance

We all know that trading CFDs is quite risky and requires a lot of experience. The key to successful CFD trading is how you minimize losses. It’s important that you understand the strategy so as not to add to losing trades, so you can stay focused, and stick to your original strategy. Don’t be greedy and panic easily. Knowing the timing of exiting a losing trade is a win in itself. To increase your trading skills and confidence, it takes a lot of practice. Then the Demo account is a great way to test your trading skills. DEFI trade provides a free demo account especially for you. You can register a Demo account with an unlimited balance and practice trading worry-free.

2. Trade worry-free

DEFI offers the best trading experience with the support of the decentralized system, blockchain, and AI. When trading with Defi, you will enjoy all the best benefits. You’ll get transparency, security and speed all in one hand. DEFI provides 24/7 non-stop support. Safety: The platform is designed with a single action account management process, you are the only key holder, using your Private Key. Smart Contracts: Using Smart Contracts on the Blockchain, allows you to have fully decentralized trading experience. Privacy: The best security for your account, you will get all the benefits of decentralized blockchain with DEFI. As long as you manage your private key storage properly, your assets will be safe.

3. Start trading with only 10 $

It only takes a little money if you want to test. Only 10 $. This is proof that DEFI can be used by beginners, no matter your capital is a little or a lot, you can get trading experience with even a small amount of funds. Thus, experienced traders and investors will definitely find comfort too, with the support of easy withdrawals and fast capital turnover, in just one minute. It’s worth a try, have great trading experience, start small earn big.

4. Option to trade CFD to various financial trades

Defi.Trade gives users unlimited access to a large number of markets (more than 17,000), from stocks, indices, commodities, forex, cryptocurrencies, options, etc. You do have many trading opportunities, according to the market trend that supports it. The more choices, the more good opportunities, as long as we can analyze the market well. This is all the more interesting because CFDs can be traded indefinitely, there are opportunities from all time zones. The good news is, the DEFI team provides 24/7 support.


DEFI.Trade offers a fully decentralized trading experience. All these combinations, from the blockchain system, smart contracts, AI and maximum support, will create an ideal ecosystem for conducive CFD trading. Guaranteed user security, effective trading, easy withdrawals, these are all you will get with DEFI. If you are interested don’t forget to follow DEFI social media and get notifications. Lets’s make a great discussion anytime anywhere.

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Disclaimer: All recommendations and analysis in this article are for educational purposes only, and I am not responsible for any gains or losses incurred, the investment decision is yours.

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