New rules, new contenders and new circumstances bring a new type of NBA experience as the season comeback unfolds. For any basketball fan, everything comes in full circle when one is able to track what goes on from the inside-out.

Staying in the know about the latest NBA news is always important for NBA fans and bettors. And apart from watching the news on the telly, there are other places you can look for extra hoops scoop -- and these are just some of the best of them.

TrueHoop -

If we’re talking sports credibility, ESPN still remains at the top tier. It’s a known fact that the sports media company dominates the tele-world, but it has also migrated its excellent coverage of sports events online through its website. The site’s NBA coverage is superior, made rich with insights in its TrueHoop page with NBA experts, analysts, and media personalities giving a comprehensive view into the league experience as a whole.

Yahoo! Sports NBA

Although the rise of NBA online portals is slowly starting to overshadow the originals, Yahoo! Sports is still among the big leagues when it comes to bringing the latest NBA news. It’s quick, smart and reliable, so if you’re one to read NBA news on the daily, best to bookmark the site’s NBA page for fast updates.

NBA Hub - Nitrogen Sports Blog

From an NBA bettor’s standpoint, one can get an extra edge by taking into account what a sportsbook has to say about the games. Apart from checking out media giants covering the NBA online, it also helps to get a bookie’s take on the latest NBA news. One good example is the NBA Hub by Nitrogen Sports Blog, which is an all-in-one place where you can get updates, scores, previews, and most importantly, betting promos.

Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report is mostly known for its entertaining and informative rundowns of the sports events, but it is also one of the most trusted online media giants when it comes to NBA reporting. Like every site on this list, you can rely on its coverage of news, stats, standings and previews, but it’s different from the rest as it covers the NBA lifestyle rather than the league itself.

Hoops Habit -

If you’re looking for a unique perspective on the NBA, you can find it in Fansided’s Hoops Habit. Nobody knows the games and the players better than the fans, so you’re basically getting your NBA scoop from those who follow the league very passionately. The site has everything, from rumors to fantasy, but it also has a good coverage of the latest NBA news.