Cryptocurrency is a dominant trend and shaping the face of eCommerce. It is hot talk of the town. Also, the popularity of cryptos is growing daily. If you are not aware of cryptocurrencies, then let us have a small overview. Crypto is a digital asset or a currency that is completely developed using advanced blockchain technologies. It will be only in digital format and you can trade cryptos in any crypto exchange platforms.

Currently, cryptocurrencies are widely used in many digital trading platforms. Not only in trading platforms but slowly digital currencies are printing their foot in the business platforms where money exchanges more. This made many businesses accept cryptocurrencies. If a startup or an entrepreneur wants to accept crypto, then they need to have crypto payment gateways. So many people approached for crypto payment development from the reputed blockchain development company.

This blog explores crypto payment gateways working with its benefits. Also, with top crypto payment gateways in the marketplace.

What is a Crypto Payment Gateway?

Generally, a Payment Gateway is needed to process the credit/debit card transactions for both the online & offline stores. It transfers only the essential information on website/mobile devices, payment processors/banks, and vice versa. Likewise, the Crypto Payment gateway is an Online payment processing network that allows easy and secure transfer of digital currencies. Such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin, and the list of coins goes on.

The Payment gateway which accepts only Bitcoins as payment is considered a Bitcoin payment gateway. This kind of payment gateways allows you to transfer cryptocurrency or fiat payments safely and securely. The Crypto payment network allows easier payments. Not only easier but also accelerates the speed of crypto transactions. Crypto payment gateways are mostly used in crypto exchanges and crypto-wallets.

Thus, one can integrate the Crypto Payment Gateway and makes the user experience smooth. To ensure the crypto transactions are secure and protect your Crypto Exchange from fraudulent activities. Then implementation of blockchain in Crypto Payment Gateway development will be the best option. Because it encrypts all the sensitive information. Now, let us look at…

Working Process of Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway

  1. The main task of the payment gateway is to process the debit/credit card information of the customers who are doing business with you. Now, let us see how the crypto payment gateway works.
  2. When the user clicks the Place the Order button at the checkout. Then immediately the web browser encrypts the payment details. Also, sends the payment details to the merchant’s web server through an SSL connection.
  3. Once the merchant receives details, the merchant sends details to the crypto payment gateway with an encrypted SSL.
  4. The cryptocurrency payment gateway sends the details to the payment processor. Then it receives a request and sends a response code back to the payment processor. That response code has all the data and information about the transaction status.
  5. Then the payment processor sends the response code to the gateway. From there it is forwarded to the website.
  6. Finally, the website displays relevant information to the user.

Best Payment Gateways for Cryptocurrency

Here we list some of the best cryptocurrency payment gateways in the marketplace.

  • BitPay
  • CoinPayments
  • CoinGate
  • Coinbase commerce
  • CoinsBank
  • ALFA coins
  • Shopify
  • GoCoin
  • Bitcoin pay
  • GoURL
  • SpicePay

Now, let us see…

Features of Crypto Payment Gateway

  • Supports real-time payment processing.
  • Crypto payment gateways are easily compatible with all platforms
  • Fiat currency and cryptocurrency conversions are hassle-free
  • It provides robust & secured online crypto transactions
  • Portal supports crypto payments from websites.
  • Decentralized peer to peer model

Benefits of Crypto Payment Gateway Development for your business

  1. Your business can get trustable payment methods that work 24/7.
  2. You can receive cross-border payments. Also, you can track in real-time.
  3. You can reap more profits and less possibility of fraudulent activities.
  4. It gives your business an option to keep the profits in Bitcoin as an investment option.
  5. Anyone from across the globe can use the crypto payment gateway to pay the merchants with cryptocurrencies.
  6. The transactions are highly secure. Because the transactions are wallet to wallet. Also, third parties can not access your data.
  7. You can have your crypto payment gateways running in the fastest time. So that there is no possibility of losing in business in the meantime.

Final Thoughts

As for now, many companies and merchants started accepting crypto as their payments. Because it helps to boost their profits in their business. If you are looking to create a crypto payment gateway for your online business or offline. Then connect with the best crypto payment gateway development company in the market. Many development companies help you to create crypto payment gateways to boost your business on a multidimensional level. But make sure to choose the top-notch crypto payment gateway development company to build your payment gateway processor.