WHAT IS POOLZ DEFI. After much study of the project, for a better passing term, Poolz DeFi is DeFi based protocol and it is Decentralized Layer-3 swapping protocol. It's purpose is to find a way that is decentralized where innovators and investors can merge together the early stage blockchain cryptocurrency. Liquidity that are visible for investors will be allowed to be manage by project owners. It is on the DAO protocol on Ethereum blockchain that Poolz is built. Decentralization theory is been adopted here. The safety of both parties are ensure because of it's transparency which Poolz DeFi will adopt


• The platform is a total decentralized one, it's also non custodial,trustless layer-3 Swapping protocol.

• The choice to change limits by their majority rule power and it can be executed by organisation model will be enable by customers of Poolz DeFi.

• Because the platform is an open source adventures, everyone has the chance to secure permission to it's code.

• As it is a decentralized endeavor, it can be control by main organisation, endeavor cant be mishandled by specialist.

• Redesigned are offer and the arrangements designing are improved.

• A lesser gas charge for enlisting pools for pioneers will be made available and it will appear differently in relation to other market standards


POZ token is the strength of Poolz platform. Its an ERC20 token.

The following are the among the utility uses of POZ :-Governance, incentivization, Project development and token burning acrross Poolz network


The Poolz token (POZ) can be used severally within the ecosystem and Automated Market Makers, (AMMs) and Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs). Here are some ways to use it:-

• STAKING:- You can use the POZ token for staking purpose in as much you are a POZ holder. Even if you don't trade on Cryptocurrency and alternative coin, you can generate passive income when you stake with your POZ.

•VOTING RIGHTS :- A distinct Decentralized Autonomous Organizatio(DAO) is also been created by the Poolz DeFi project apart constituting one of the formidable ecosystem for DeFi. You can vote against or for major decisions taken on the platform using the Poolz (POZ) token through the DAO ecosystem. To be part of the governance team on Poolz DeFi, you need to stake POZ token in specific digital wallet.

• WRAPPING UP :-New DeFi projects would be launched through the Poolz decentralized swap launchpad, this gives you the opportunity to be the early adopters and investors. You can also enroll in multiple transaction using your Poolz (POZ) token. This is also part of the advantage you gain to when you become part of the Poolz DeFi ecosystem.


Crypto enthusiasts has always long for the gap between investors and project owners to be bridged. This is the unique ideas behind Poolz creation. A top notch and reliable Cryptocurrency platform, the cause of it's innovation has not bern left out as the group are doing everything in their power to actualize it.


Website: https://poolzdefi.com/

Lightpaper: https://docs.poolzdefi.com/whitepaper/litepaper

Whitepaper: https://docs.poolzdefi.com/whitepaper/whitepaper Twitter: https://twitter.com/Poolz__

Discord: https://discord.gg/RgPjgUY

Telegram: https://t.me/PoolzOfficialCommunity

Medium: https://medium.com/@Poolz 

Proof of Authentication: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5280470.msg55588226#msg55588226