In recent times, plenty of decentralized finance project has been created for the purpose of satisfy the needs of business and organizations, but just few of them were able to achieve this aim and purpose. Brilliant ideas and technology are embedded in these DeFi project which can rapidly change the adoption of the blockchain technology. One of the mostly recent project from DeFi is the Poolz DeFi project, and financial access to business is granted because of the delivering sustainability it conceive on the platform.


Before we move on its expedient that one know what poolz is actually all about, Poolz is a unique and simplified decentralzied finance platform developed with the aim of helping project owners and liquidity providers to comfortably participate in a new investment model known as a decentralized swap. This is a three (3) layer decentralized platform that contains exchanging protocol and mechanisms of which its tools and structures (several) are very unique. Any form of monopoly is eliminated and a decentralized system of governance is present because of the design of the Poolz DeFi. The rules that guides the projects and the entire network is been decided by the community at large.


This unique and excellent project is here to bridge a gap as the platform provides a technology interface between financial investors and innovators which are known to be great owner of business and organizations. The Pool maker and those that put in their investment are the basic component of the Poolz environment. The investors talks to the Liquidity Providers while those that great business owners remains the pools creators. The Direct Sales Pools (DSP) and the Time Locked Pools (TLP) are the two distinct sort of Poolz that are the solution oriented and technology which is design in the platform. Financial investors token are uniquely and timely delivered to them after transaction because the Direct Sales Pools (DSP) are pools that don't have any lock-in-period. The financial investor's resources are fastened at intervals till the finish of the locked period, because the Time Locked Pools have a specific opening period. After the appointed time of lock, the investors in this clime of pools gather in large quantity their trade token. Spaces for custom lock period and subsequently delivers the exchanged resources dependent on the timetable inbuilt because of the agreement of the Poolz Smart.


is the official token of Poolz platform, the POZ token is built on the Ethereum virtual machine (EVM). POZ is mainly used for incentivization purpose, and also serve as a governance token, POZ will also he used in the ongoing project development.

● The total supply of POZ is 5,000,000 and 240,000 POZ is already allocated for the seed sales at 0.455 USD (avg. price). 25% TGE, then 25% quarterly.

● 360,000 POZ is allocated for the private sales, at 1 USD, with a capping of 2500 USD per person. 20% of the token will released on the day of sale and 20% after a month from the sale day. The remaining 60% is released as equal monthly vestings of 20%, for 3 months.

● And lastly 150,000 POZ is allocated for Auctio at 1.6 USD.


This is a unique platform based on liquidity exchange which is created as liquidity providing platform for DeFi Startup project and already existing project willing to raise money for their various project. The entire Fund raising ecosystem in the crypto space is been cleansed by Poolz.

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