The internet is a powerful innovation that creates broad awareness about E-commerce platforms. With availability of internet, millions of people can search online everyday for products and services. It is safe to say that online shopping is on a rise with each passing day and E-commerce platforms represents the convenient medium at which people can purchase products and services at their best interest.

E-commerce websites are not subjected to geographical limitations. As such, companies can sell in the market of their choice, wherein potential customers can view their websites and order desired products and services at any time of the day. Furthermore, E-commerce platforms is highly beneficial to their owners because operational cost is affordable compared to physical stores or markets.

Also, customers who frequent E-commerce platforms have come to realize that products ordered from these online websites are generally lower than physical market. Besides, with several E-commerce platforms made available online, customers can easily compare prices of products on different websites and select the ones with best deals.

The advantages of E-commerce websites cannot be undervalued, however modern E-commerce websites are faced with some obstacles that limits the growth of the sector. These issues present itself in form of insecurity resulting from several E-commerce platforms built with outdated and poorly designed security systems which is prone to hacks and malware attacks, slow and delayed transactions, merchants are charged with heavy interest rates on loans from centralized finance and so on.

Thankfully, a solution has emerged and it is known as CORULS. Coruls is an E-commerce platform with main purpose to adequately tokenize the E-commerce industry with readily available innovative and indepth solutions driven by blockchain technology and Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

Blockchain technology isn't a new term globally, it has been in existence for more than a decade and within that time, this technology introduced new changes to every industry and sector it has encountered.

Blockchain technology continues to improve how transactions is done by making payments faster, safe, efficient and accessible to everyone. Also, blockchain brought about another innovation called Decentralized Finance.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) focuses on implementing broader decentralization into traditional finance, making financial services like lending, borrowing, stablecoins and tokenization of assets open to individuals worldwide without activity of middleman or intermediaries.

So many people have profited from blockchain technology, however DeFi provides opportunity for numerous individuals to make large percentage of profits from the blockchain framework. 

With blockchain technology and Decentralized Finance concept at Coruls disposal, users will be entitled to various satisfactory benefits from the platform 's features shown below :

- Faster Transactions : In Coruls, users and merchants are allowed to use cryptocurrencies for payments which guarantees settlement transactions to be processed and executed at incredible speed than traditional finance. 

- Merchant P2P lending And Borrowing : As earlier stated, merchants incurs hefty interest rate on loans through centralized finance. However, Coruls allows merchants to borrow money for their business activities with associated affordable and flexible interest rates without commissions from intermediaries. 

- Competent Merchant And Affiliate Network : 

Coruls platform serve as a reliable, secure and efficient channel for merchants to list their products and connect with a global audience of customers without involvement of middleman or intermediaries. Also, Coruls will ensure marketers receive their full commissions as soon as possible unlike several E-commerce platforms that delays or delivers earnings late to their marketers. 

- Coruls Wallet: This wallet empowers every user to send payments easily with integrated mature security systems to protect funds. Coruls wallet supports various cryptocurrencies and FIAT money, enabling merchants to accept their preferred option of payment. 

- Staking : Another impressive feature of Coruls wallet which allows users to maximize their profit by holding CORL and USDT tokens to receive annual interest up to 30%.

Furthermore, Coruls ecosystem runs with launched native cryptocurrency known as CORL token. CORL token serve as the primary payment option in Coruls platform and provides better advantages to users within Coruls framework.

 Also, CORL token can be used by merchants to provide a BUY NOW AND PAY LATER option to customers. This feature is not easily available in most E-commerce websites worldwide. 

In conclusion, Coruls serve as the medium for people to be a part of the booming online shopping trend as well enables them to experience unlimited benefits of merged E-commerce services with blockchain technology and Decentralized Finance. 

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