In 2009, Bitcoin (the pioneer cryptocurrency) was made by Satoshi Nakamoto, as the digital currency that will disrupt the world traditional financial system. Bitcoin is furnished with remarkable transaction benefits like security, anonymity, and decentralization.

As time slips by, the second ever cryptocurrency (Ethereum) was founded in the year 2013 by Vitalik Buterin. It was an improvement in the Blockchain technology as it not only has the features of Bitcoin, but also permits the incorporation of smart contracts into the Blockchain protocol (Utility Blockchain).

Nevertheless, the Blockchain technology is gradually making grand influence in various industries and sectors of the world economy because of it decentralized nature and thriving solution it offers to even the most complicated problems. Several sectors like ecommerce, entertainment, Artificial intelligence, security, Data storage, etc have experienced major effect of the Blockchain technology while the rest are not far behind. These have led to the creation of different cryptocurrencies with different features and purposes in different industries, all to form a big decentralized economy.

Although there are thousands of cryptocurrency in the crypto space, vast majority of them do not possess the complete features of a Blockchain project which are decentralization, scalability, anonymity and high security. Taking Bitcoin and Ethereum as example, they are both very secured and decentralized, but not very scalable as they both possess 4.6 TPS and 15 TPS respectively. Though there are other cryptocurrencies that boost of better scalability but these features comes either at the expense of decentralization or security, as none has the complete package. 

To be able to brag of a successful decentralized economy, we need platforms that possess the full Blockchain package. We need Yusra Global

Introducing the next generation digital asset: YUSRA Global

YUSRA is an innovative Blockchain based project that seeks to offer users a platform that possesses the full Blockchain features to power a truly world decentralized economy. It is an advanced cryptocurrency asset designed with the aim of meeting the user’s everyday need.

Yusra serve users as a easy, fast, decentralized and secured means of payment, while maintaining its status as transmission of value and investment asset. The primary goal of Yusra is to tackle the existing problems that plague the cryptocurrency sphere by creating a platform that offers great security, scalability, anonymity and decentralization. Yusra seeks to serve users as a successful crypto asset along as a means of storing value/investment tool.


Yusra global platform is endowed with unique decentralized tools that make it exceptional and distinctive among several other crypto projects. The major aim of the Yusra ecosystem is to improve the Yusra coin by making it easily accessible and convenient for users of the Yusra coin to use it as a means of exchange/payment and investment. The Yusra ecosystem consists of the following:

Yusra Vote: This feature in the Yusra ecosystem gives power to the users by allowing them to vote for different innovative ways in which the developers can develop and improve Yusra to best serve the users interest.

Yusra Marketplace/trading platform: This is a modern trading platform that allows users to transact (goods & services) with one another by using Yusra coin as the primary means of payment.

Yusra Pay: This is a super secured, decentralized, scalable, and anonymous payment system embedded in the Yusra ecosystem.

Yusra P2P Exchange: This is a peer to peer exchange where users can trade seamlessly without any hassle.

Yusra Portfolio: The Yusra portfolio grants the platform users the ability to possess and store different crypto assets aside from Yusra token.

YUSRA Business Analysis

After discussing the amazing features of this great project, I will conduct a business analysis of Yusra by utilizing the SWOT Analysis business tool to scrutinize both the internal and external factors that will likely play a role in the success of this project.

As we all know, SWOT is a short form of Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats.


The strength of Yusra lies in its amazing Blockchain and Consensus Algorithm Proof of Stake. “Yusra is hosted on the Waves Blockchain, meanwhile the platform token emission, and transaction processing in the net is built on the Consensus Algorithm Proof of Stake, which is advanced and modified by the Yusra team”. This development is the game changer for Yusra as it sustains the decentralization of the network and makes it super secured. Thanks to this technological brilliance, the security on the network is so high that its shields network from any form of hack especially from the famous 51% attack.

Another good strength of Yusra is the scalability and high transaction speed. Scalability is a major issue in the crypto sphere, as majority of top crypto coins has relatively low transaction speed. But Yusra boasts of a solid transaction speed as high as 1000 transactions per second, which is scalable to as high as 25,000 transaction per second (TPS). This makes the network function seamlessly without any hassle.


As at the time of writing this article, I really do not see any major weakness in Yusra, as the major purpose of its creation is to tackle key issues in the crypto sphere which it is doing perfectly well.


As far as opportunities are concerned, Yusra is tapping into a multibillion dollar crypto industry. Yusra saw the weaknesses of major crypto coins in the crypto market and took this as an opportunity to tap into the huge market. By providing innovative solutions to the pressing issues in the crypto market, mass adoption is imminent for this project.


The major threat to Yusra Global is not the threat from rival project (as Yusra have advantage over them), but one that is common to the whole crypto market at large, which is mass adoption and regulation. This is a threat that is common to whole crypto market (even the giant Bitcoin). But when it comes to threat from rival projects, a lot of them do not stand a chance with Yusra, as their major weaknesses are taken into consideration by the team and are integrated as key features of Yusra during its creation.


Yusra coin has a total supply of 40 million coins, which are all secured in seven system wallets for different purposes. Like 30 million for use as “reward for trust” for rewarding investors, 8 million sold in 4 batches from August 2019 till January 2021, and 2 million used to finance development of Yusra tokens.


How to create Yusra wallet

To create Yusra wallet, go to on your browser, you will be directed to a page like this

The click on the register button, which will direct you to a page looking like this

Input your email in the box then link on register. Then a message containing your generated password (which can be changed after) will be sent to your email. Go ahead to log in with the password sent to your email. Then verify your account with the message that will be sent to your email after you log in. You will then get an interface that looks like this

Then click on “Recharge” in the main wallet section, and you will be directed to a page like this to get your wallet address.

Click on the copy address to get your Yusra wallet address.

How to Buy Yusra coins

After learning how to get your Yusra wallet, I believe you are now excited to get yourself some Yusra coins. Yusra coin is officially listed and trading on 3 different exchanges with good volume. You can buy Yusra on the following exchanges





The cryptocurrency market is gradually drawing more attention and investment globally. But there are still many problems in the crypto space presently that may be limiting the market from attaining the full potential. Yusra is a revolutionary project in the crypto space that aims to solve major issues in the space by creating a platform that highly secured, user-friendly and scalable for users to benefit from. Yusra Global is equipped with strong and highly competent team capable of taking the project to greater heights. An investment in Yusra now is wise, as the project is capable of surging very high in the nearest future.

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