The Blockchain technology when it was invented was poised to steer in the decentralized era by making a general community of people everywhere across the globe where financial value can be exchanged between individuals without government obstruction and one in which the users are additionally incentivize for the part they play to make and power decentralized economies of future the Blockchain.

However, for these proposed decentralized economies to be a thing of success, the plain sense of decentralization is not good enough. The Blockchain platforms to a large extent need to have the same if not more key features (scalability, usability, security, practicality) as modern day centralized systems.

Bitcoin and Ethereum being the first two major cryptocurrencies and Blockchain project, are fully decentralized and also secured (to an extent) but these comes at the expense of scalability as their transaction speed per second are both very slow. Other Blockchain projects have been created to counter the speed of transactions but most projects that have been able to accomplish really fast transaction speed have done that either by letting down on other key features. 

What is Required!!!!

It is important to note that the Blockchain technology is not limited to trading cryptocurrencies and fast transaction confirmations are not the only thing that is needed. Decentralized applications, financial services, e-marketplace, consumer projects, P2P exchanges and many needs to be created on the Blockchain in a truly decentralized economy.

In order to achieve these truly decentralized economies and real form of decentralization that was propose when the Blockchain technology was first invented, there is a need for a Blockchain that will be fully decentralized, anonymous, very scalable, extremely secured, and possess the complete features of a decentralized ecosystem.

Yusra Global is the project that provides the much needed revolutionary solution to the above mentioned problems.

What is Yusra Global??

Yusra Global is a revolutionary project with the aim of providing its users with inventive solution to Blockchain issues (mentioned above), thereby making it secured, anonymous, scalable and user friendly. This innovative solution will allow the users of Yusra Global to make payments invest and transfer monetary value swiftly without giving up security. These solutions will ease the use of crypto asset in day to day transactions and also attract more adoption to the cryptocurrency market.

 Yusra coin is created on its own Blockchain that is further integrated as a Waves token. This is mainly to sure that the users enjoy the best services (fast, secured and decentralized payment) possible. Yusra also possess a unique POS (Proof of Stake) algorithm that enables investors to invest their funds into it and also allows miners to successfully mine the Yusra tokens.

Yusra Vision

The major vision of Yusra is to become a platform that users can trust for its credibility and truly scalable nature. Yusra aim to achieve this by creating an IT holding along with powerful and extensive ecosystem, which will operate to improve and secure the entire Yusra ecosystem. In order to improve liquidity and demand for Yusra tokens, the team will create a buy back mechanism that will regulate token circulation in the platform.

So as to ensure high level of security and decentralization, the Yusra team will operate a consensus algorithm proof of stake that will protect and shield the Yusra ecosystem users from all forms of attacks (like the 51% attack). It will also enable the ecosystem users to make more money from mining/forging.

Yusra Ecosystem

Yusra ecosystem is a truly decentralized ecosystem that enables users to enjoy all the benefits that comes along with the platform. Yusra ecosystem consists of several decentralized modules that make the platform exceptional. 

Yusra marketplace: the Yusra marketplace is a free e-trading platform that makes it possible for users of the platform to trade and exchange value between one another. All you have to do is register on the platform and begin to buy and sell goods and services.

Yusra Vote: This unlike many other platforms, is a user oriented voting platform that is designed in order to allow participants gain access to the full functionality of the Yusra network by suggesting ways in which the developers can optimize the system’s operation. This will make the users have a sense of belonging to the network and help bring user oriented development to the platform.

Yusra Portfolio: Yusra Portfolio is a new function of the Yusra ecosystem that permits the platform users to possess other crypto coins in there wallet.

Yusra Pay: Yusra pay is a highly secured and decentralized payment system that makes users enjoy regulation-free, fast and anonymous payment. The high level of security is only attainable through the master nodes used by the Blockchain

There are other features of the Yusra ecosystem like social media DOBRO 2.0, travel portal, education platform, and Yusra P2P crypto exchange, all designed to give the platform users the best experience possible.

Token Metrics

According to the Whitepaper; Yusra coins has a maximum supply of 40 million coins which will never increase over its lifetime. The whole coins (40 million) are held up in seven (7) system wallets, out of which 75% (30 million) of them are in a large system wallet, which are being used for “reward for trust” by the system to reward investors.

20% (8,000,000) of the Yusra coins will be up for sale, which will be sold in batches of 5% (2,000,000) from August 2019 till January 2021 The remaining 5% (2,000,000) will be reserved in special wallets and used to finance the development of the Yusra token.

According to data from Coinmarketcap available as at November 2020, which can be found here >>>> 

Yusra coin has a circulating supply of 34,832,113 Yusra with a market cap of $113,376,124 and a 24hr trading volume of $82,766.80. The price is presenting trading at $3.25 per coin and has a all time high of $3.86 and all time low of $3.11.

If you are invested in acquiring some Yusra coin, you don’t need to go look too far. Yusra is presently listed and trading on 3 top exchanges

Crex24 >>>  

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All you have to do is to create a wallet at (which is super easy) then go ahead to the above exchanges to get as many Yusra coins as possible.

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