Swan Finance is a funds from one currency to another, which occurs within a certain period of time as long as the loan contract for different currencies is valid. This staking applies to all transactions that take place on world currency markets.

Swan Finance Staking: Is an intra-blockchain wallet that is not associated with cryptocurrency storage. Swan Finance Trading allows clients to quickly and efficiently exchange one cryptocurrency for another without using fiat money as a delegate and never leaving their Blockchain.com wallet. With Swan Finance, you can quickly trade between BTC, ETH, BCH, XLM, and Tether (USDT). You can use Swan Token for a variety of reasons: to exit unstable resources, block certified features, or try to use a different crypto resource. Whatever your explanation, Staking simplifies it.

Liquidity Pool:

Deposit ERC20 tokens of the same size into the pool and start cultivating the yield. The amount you earn will depend on the fees paid and the size of the liquidity deposited. Get ERC20 tokens and Swan tokens in each liquidity pool of High Interest 20% APY on Swan. The Low Rate Interest 4% of Swan tokens will be distributed to Swan Finance owners.


- Centralized project

- Technical architecture

- Unsecure platform

- Poor market liquidity

- Customer Support

- Poor internationalization and linguistic support

These are some of the problems users of centralized exchanges face on a daily basis, exposing our capital by handing over money to intermediaries as opposed to the essence of cryptocurrency itself and the decentralized fixation bitcoin gives us. at its creation in 2008.

Our Solution

- Swan Finance The next generation of decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges are trying to revolutionize and disrupt the digital currency asset ecosystem. Our team understands the challenges faced by users in the industry with several members having experience in financial and crypto markets as well as cryptography technology and development. Some of our products are described below.

Swan Finance Exchange Our Peacock Staking Exchange:

 Will be built initially on the Ethereum blockchain using the ERC20 standard and supports affiliated tokens. This allows us to develop truly decentralized exchanges that will eliminate the role of intermediaries in our ecosystem and we employ revolutionary smart contract technology. In order to solve the liquidity problems faced by many cryptocurrency exchanges, we use the Ethereum smart contract infrastructure to allow our community to trade with ease. Additionally, we plan to add other exchange protocols with supported tokens such as the Tron blockchain to effectively enable us to access TRC10 and TRC20 tokens. Others include the Cardano blockchain with the ADA token, the Binance Dex protocol together with the BNB token, the Nem and EOS blockchain with the XEM and EOS tokens respectively. Effectively, this allows the Swan Finance Staking Exchange to take advantage of this protocol's access to multiple sources of liquidity and provides a decentralized exchange where users can swap in a peer to peer fashion. Ultimately, that means we address the high costs experienced in the cryptocurrency ecosystem today as well as other significant benefits for our users.

Swan Finance feature:

- 100% Decentralized Staking Exchange

- Ease of Use We embed new technologies in our applications that are carefully evaluated according to cost and ease of use criteria.

- Nearly zero transaction fees

- Access to 10 cryptocurrency exchanges

- Safe and Secure Our application includes network protocols that enhance the security of transactions via an encrypted tunnel that prompts users to log in via a computer or other device.

- Unlimited Liquidity

- No Hidden Costs 24/7

- customer support

- Multi Language Support

- Our Staking Platform allows users to stake tokens for a minimum of 1 Month and get a return on their initial amount.

- Stake users can use their tokens for other cryptocurrencies including ETH and USDT

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